The Drake Passage between the Southern tip of Patagonia and Antarctica typically takes two days each way. Infamously unpredictable conditions mean it is down to luck whether you get a calm ‘Drake Lake’ or ‘Drake Shake’ (though for purists the latter is an Antarctic right of passage).

Thankfully for those not willing to risk it, or where time is at a premium, there is the option to fly from Punta Arenas in Chile to King George Island, the largest of the South Shetland Islands, to join you Antarctic expedition cruise waiting there for you.

From there you are at the gateway of the Antarctic Peninsula and the last ‘wild’ continent, a vast undiscovered territory. A truly magnificent and pristine environment for you to explore, with majestic scenery and surprisingly abundant wildlife. Few destinations can compare in the spirit of adventure and sense of accomplishment one feels having visited here.

We can put together itineraries that facilitate a fly-in cruise to Antarctica, including time in Chile beforehand, return flights to Antarctica and the cruise itself. Simply see below then call us for more detailed programmes.

When to go

December to February - this the only time that weather permits this route.


What to do

  • Marvel at the staggering scenery and observe the unique wildlife
  • From mid to late December the penguin chicks start to hatch, and in January you will catch the the feeding frenzy that ensues.
  • February to early March is the best time to spot whales, and there are generally a good number of fur seals to be seen too.