The largest country in the world is filled to the brim with history, culture and natural beauty

Covering an expanse of over 6.6 million square miles and with nine different time zones, it is unsurprising that Russia is a truly multifaceted place. It’s got absolutely everything from dazzling cities to silent, remote and seemingly endless natural landscapes.

  • Explore historic architecture from the grand Winter Palace in St. Petersburg and the magnificent Peterhof Palace just outside the city, to the traditional wooden houses of Irkutsk, Siberia.
  • Visit the many fabulous churches such as the magnificent St Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow, as well as the similarly impressive Cathedral of Our Savior in St. Petersburg.
  • Enjoy a range of amazing winter activities in Siberia, from snowmobiling and dog sleigh rides to dining on the frozen waters of Lake Baikal.
  • Bask under the Siberian summer sun on a boat ride across Lake Baikal.
  • Head to the iconic Red Square in Moscow, where you’ll find brilliant Christmas markets in December.
  • Ride the historic Circum-Baikal Railway in summer to see all the wonderful flora on the banks of Lake Baikal.
  • Visit the Kremlin in Moscow, the seat of Russian political power.
  • Visit the local fish market of Listvyanka to taste the endemic omul from the waters of Lake Baikal.

Russia offers so many magical adventures in both the height of its glorious summers and in the depth of its coldest winters. Its fascinating history from the Russian Empire to the days of the Soviet Union, as well as it unique culture, has left behind incredible sights dotted across its land.

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Russia will never fail to amaze and impress its travelers.  From its stunning underground décor and its incredible collection of arts, to the iconic and historic architecture dating back to the Russian Empire and the Communist Soviet Union. Russia is a country that is guaranteed to leave you in sheer awe.

Kit Wong
Travel Designer

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  • is the local time
  • Russian Ruble is the local currency
  • Moscow is the capital city
  • Pelmeni is Russia's national dish

The best times to visit Russia

The best times to visit Russia is without a doubt in its most extreme seasons: winter and summer. The months of December to February offer a winter wonderland of dog sleighing, snowmobiling and blanket white forests and snow capped cities. While summer boats beautiful flora and fauna, particularly in Siberia while the cities burst to life with colour under the glorious sun - notably the domes of Stephen's Cathedral in Moscow.