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When is the Best Time to Visit Zimbabwe?

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Tess Van der Winsor, Jonny Humphreys & Angela Thomas

Arguably the best time to visit Zimbabwe is September, especially if you're planning on spending time at Mana Pools National park and Hwange National Park.

The dry winter season runs from April to October, and the wet summer season is from November to March.

If your main reason for visiting is to experience the Victoria Falls in all their glory, then make sure you visit in April or May.

Dry season
April - October
Wet season
November - March
Victoria Falls
April - May
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What Is Zimbabwe Like in the Dry Season?

As with many of its neighbouring countries, the best time to visit Zimbabwe if you’re keen on game viewing is during the dry season, from April to October. At this time of year it’s easier to spot animals as they gather at waterholes. The skies are clear, temperatures are on the milder side, and little rain means fewer mosquitos. The nights between June and August are cool, so make sure you have warm clothes for the mornings and evenings. The temperatures start to climb quickly towards the end of September though. While Victoria Falls is hugely popular with water sport enthusiasts at this time of year, the parks should be a little quieter.


The Best Time to...


Visit the Victoria Falls

Without a doubt the best time to visit the Zimbabwean side of the Victoria Falls is during April and May. That’s when the river is at its fullest and the falls are most impressive. But if water sports are more to your liking, then book your trip between August and December when the water is lower and the rapids are more pronounced. That’s when white-water rafting at the falls is best. October to December the falls themselves dwindle, so you won’t have the dramatic cascade of water and spray to admire.


Go on safari

While the dry season is definitely best for game viewing, most of the parks do offers drives throughout the year, you just need to be a little more alert and patient in the wet months. To see large groups of elephants, try to visit Hwange National Park in September and October. Bird-watchers might want to aim for the rainy season for the best opportunities. Be aware that some park roads and trails can be difficult to navigate when they are waterlogged.

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What Is Zimbabwe Like in the Wet Season?

The rainy months in this part of Africa are November to March, with most of the rainfall happening in the high-lying eastern areas of the country. Because of fluctuating weather patterns, unpredictable November may be tricky depending on whether you’re visiting for the game, or the falls. Go prepared for both wet and dry weather. From November to April, you won’t find yourself jostling for space with countless other visitors. Keep an eye out for new-born animals and migratory birds. The vegetation is a lot more lush and because there’s more water around, the waterholes are less popular so game viewing isn’t as easy.


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