The 7,200 hectare Anjajavy Reserve can be found in the remote north-west of Madagascar, a protected area encompassing sea, coral reef, beaches, forest, mangrove, savannah, tumescent baobabs and jagged ‘Tsingy’ rock formations.

Created by Anjajavy Lodge, which sits at the heart of the reserve, it is a beautiful microcosm of the island, classified by the WWF as a global priority in terms of conservation that harbours rare and endemic flora and fauna, as well as a scattering of traditional villages which the lodge works closely with and supports.

On land, green forests are home to seven lemur species (including the elusive aye-aye), fossa, chameleons and a rich array of bird life. Tree roots meet the turquoise sea in a network of mangroves, a wonderful place to kayak, whose channels lead out to a marine park where tropical fish and turtles abound. You may also be luck and see a dolphin or humpback whale.

This incredible cauldron of biodiversity has been enhanced further still by reforestation projects and through work with local communities that improves lives, making Anjajavy a global example of sustainable luxury tourism.

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