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James Harris

Travel Designer

I was born in England, but I am half South African and also hold a Canadian passport. I have lived in the UK, Australia and South Africa. From childhood trips to Mossel Bay, South Africa to visit my grandmother, I have never been able to stop travelling. I lived in Cape Town for a while in my twenties, where I learnt to sail, this led to seasons of yacht skippering around the world, eventually leading to a solo nine month drive around Southern and East Africa that truly cemented the continent as my favourite place to visit.


My most memorable trip


When I was 24 I joined my Dad in Harare, Zimbabwe and drove through six national parks, and three countries over six weeks. It is still my favourite trip that I have ever done, the mix of countries and cultures on that trip was completely eyeopening, and to share it with my Dad is something I will cherish forever.

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On my bucket list

New Zealand

I am itching to travel to New Zealand; the scenery, people and culture are all so in tune with what I love in a destination. I still regret not visiting while I was living in Melbourne.

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The best hidden gem


Zambia is somewhere I would love more people to travel to. The locals are lovely and the national parks feel very exclusive and are absolutely teeming with game, it's a fantastic combination.

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My favourite hotel

Wilderness Chitabe

The camp itself is great, with excellent service and a gorgeous design and setting. The amount of animal interaction and density of predators is remarkable.

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My top tips

Make sure you have a really good pair of binoculars to help you spot everything your guide points out.

Pack as light as you can no one is expecting you to be in anything other than comfortable clothing - one of the joys of Africa, if you ask me.

Make sure you try and get to the top of Lions Head before sunrise to avoid the crowds and see just how stunning the city of Cape Town is.

Make sure you ask your guide every question you have; you'll kick yourself when you come home and don't have their experience at your disposal.

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