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Coral reefs

Explore the sea-life in the Gulf of Aqaba

Discover the underwater world of this Jordanian paradise

As Jordan’s only coastal city, Aqaba features exquisite beaches that are the ideal location if you want long days basking in the sun, or they can be a brief respite from the enthralling water sport activities Aqaba has to offer.

Just off the Gulf of Aqaba is where, if you dive deep enough, you’ll find the world’s first Underwater Military Museum, which is made up of 21 military machines intriguingly placed to mimic battle. The gulf is full of amazing scuba-diving and snorkelling spots, where you’ll be able see an abundance of coral reefs, wreck dive sites such as the ruins of the Cedar Pride Lebanese freighter, and sea-life such as clownfish, angelfish, and sea turtles.

Aqaba is home to hotels that will be your luxurious residence for you to retreat back to when you’ve finished exploring the ruins in the Red Sea or the rolling sands of Wadi Rum, if you don’t wish to stay in the middle of the desert. You won’t have to go far from your accommodation for entertainment either, as plenty of hotels supply their guests with a wealth of sporting activities, such as windsurfing, parasailing, hot air ballooning, and jet skiing.

The setting sun marks the ideal time for a boat cruise as it ignites the sky with its colours. Climb aboard a yacht and relax on the deck as you sail across the Gulf of Aqaba, watching as the sun dips below the distant mountains and throws its fading rays across the destination of your next adventure.


Discover the Underwater Military Museum in the Red Sea

Explore coral reefs and the sea-life of Aqaba’s waters

Enjoy a plethora of watersport activities such as scuba diving, snorkelling, and jet skiing

Relax on a sunset boat cruise across the Gulf of Aqaba

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Jack Beckford

Travel Designer

Aqaba is part of the Golden Triangle of Jordan, making it the perfect beach break when both Wadi Rum and Petra are on your list. With so many water sport activities, Aqaba is like its own beach paradise that offers a respite from the desert and the tomb adventures of the Jordanian trip. I highly recommend a sunset boat cruise, as from the water you can see Egypt, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and of course Jordan! 

Jack Beckford

Travel Designer

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