Experience the best of both with our combined Scotland and Ireland journeys

Sited within close proximity and interlinked by several historic happenings, a Celtic culture, a common root of language as well as a wonderfully warm attitude, Scotland and Ireland are bound to fascinate and enchant.

Why not have your fill of enthrallment and allure by venturing on a journey that captures the highlights of both of these destinations? Our expert Travel Designers can craft a distinctly luxurious getaway designed to showcase the most notable similarities and the exceptionally magnificent variances.

Whether you visit during winter, where fog-laden scenes call for frosty walks to fire-lit hideaways in search of the perfect pint of Guinness and the faultless dram of whisky, or in the summer months, most ideal for perusing historic sights and scenic hiking trails, our Scotland and Ireland itineraries will encompass delights at every turn.

Combining Scotland and Ireland is the perfect way to discover endless history, beautiful landscapes and friendly locals. You can compare and delve deeper into the past lives of both countries while exploring ancient castles, medieval landscapes and historical cities. Whether you prefer an Irish whiskey or a glass of scotch, you are guaranteed an incredible trip that will stay with you forever.

Hanna Partridge

Itineraries for a luxurious journey in Scotland and Ireland