Effortless multi-country, luxury honeymoons & personalised itineraries from our experts

There’s no better way to mark the beginning of your lives together than with a big adventure through Latin America. With Jacada Travel you can do it in all the style, comfort and first class service your honeymoon deserves.

Our team of Latin America travel designers know this collection of countries inside and out, and can create you a grand, luxury tour itinerary according to the both of you. This will be completely personalised; based on your tastes, preferences and desired pace masterfully combined with their first hand recommendations, insider knowledge and flawless planning for an effortless and comprehensive trip of your chosen countries.

Explore other-worldly landscapes in Bolivia and ancient Peruvian worlds. Set off on tasteful Argentina tours and experience unadulterated luxury in Mexico. Soak up the beach life of Brazil (because no one does it better); float down the Amazon in first class refinement; recline in colonial splendour in Colombia and Guatemala; discover the dazzling wildernesses from the Atacama Desert to Patagonia; the splendor of a Galapagos tour or an idyllic Costa Rica honeymoon discovering the mythical cloud forests. Design it your way, and we’ll take care of the rest.