Colonial town of Barichara

Five Reasons to go to Colombia

Written by
Emily Opie, Lily Bunker & Jennifer Richt

Colombia is popular amongst travellers, thanks to amazing culture, nature and unforgettable food.

As one of the most ecologically diverse countries on Earth, it's great for nature lovers. Its lovely, warm people also add to its allure.

Here's our top five reasons to go to Colombia.

Guatavita, Colombia - El Niño at Embalse del Tominé

Nature's playground

Named the second most ecologically diverse country on the planet, Colombia‘s incredible landscape consists of the Andes, the Caribbean, the Pacific coast, the Amazon and the Eastern Plains, much of which is protected. In fact, as much as 14 percent of the country consists of national parks and sanctuaries.

View over Guatape Colombia

The country’s marine-coastal ecosystem, great expanse of natural forest, savannah, wetlands and snow-capped peaks are ideal for wild exploration and wildlife spotting, while the verdant green hills of the Coffee Triangle are prime hiking territory.

Fresh fruit in Colombia


Colombia’s burgeoning food scene is quite fantastic, and as a result, foodie tours in Bogota and Cartagena are on the rise. With a private guide, you can meander around bustling markets with local chefs, and pick up some fresh produce to use to make some traditional Colombian food with. It’s a great way to immerse yourself in and learn more about local cultures as well.

Street food in Colombia

If street food isn’t your thing, both Bogota and Cartagena have a selection of trendy restaurants and superb fine dining options. Spanish, African and indigenous influences come alive in this food scene, with consists of amazing fresh fish and fruit… and did we mention the arepas?

Fine dining in Colombia
Canyon del Chicamocha

Amazing adventure

Colombia’s hugely varied landscape and coastline provide an array of opportunities for adventure seekers. Close to Bucaramanga in Santander, San Gil and Chicamoche are popular stop-offs for paragliding, spelunking, bushwalking and camping, as well as fishing, kayaking, rafting and mountain climbing.

Paragliding in Colombia

If you prefer to take a more relaxing route, you can always opt for a leisurely horseback ride. With so many activities on offer, the more time you have, the more adventurous exploration you can take on.

Guatape, Anqioquia, Colombia

Art and culture

Throughout each month of the year, Colombians eat, drink and dance to celebrate the thriving arts and culture, while also continuing traditions that have been passed down by the Indians, Spanish and Africans. Carnivals, dance, music and historic milestones all bring the streets to life.

Carnival De Barranquilla Colombia

Barranquilla Carnival, which takes place over four days each March, showcases the country’s cultural diversity and folklore through dance and music in all its rhythms, and as a result has been declared a UNESCO World Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity. Contemporary festivals and fairs to celebrate local film, literature, music and dance, also take place regularly.


Colombia’s history has given the nation an extraordinary cultural diversity too. Each of the region’s indigenous cultures, along with the colonial Spanish and the arrival of Europeans, North Americans and Africans, has resulted in a nation in which 80 languages are still spoken today.

Ask us about our amazing art tours in Bogota and Cartagena. The cities are rife with amazing street art (graffiti is actually legal in Bogota!), and there are also some amazing galleries and art museums peppered throughout the country. You can even take a private tour to visit some smaller galleries (based on your preferences) and chat with the artists themselves.

Street art in Bogota Colombia

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