The Cerrado, found in the centre of Brazil, is an expansive savannah eco-region and the second largest – behind the better-known Amazon rainforest – of Brazil’s major habitat types. This region is perfect for those wishing to explore the largest savannah region in South America, an extensive amount of biodiversity and the neighbouring Pantanal.

Accounting for 21% of Brazil’s landmass, here in the Cerrado, due to its size and tropical climate, you will find an enormous range of both plant and animal biodiversity, with nearly 200 species of mammal.

Hiding among the arid grasslands; the allusive jaguar, the less graceful giant anteater and the giant armadillo. While up in the region’s unique twisted trees you’ll spot hundreds of different bird species, such as the gravely endangered Spix’s macaw and the fascinating red-legged seriema to name a few. One of the most emblematic animals in the region is the maned wolf – a curious creature with golden-red bat shaped ears, long legs like a deer, face of a fox and the body of a wolf. Plant life is also exciting here, with over 80 species of tree, and it is here that you will find beautiful gallery forests lining old waterways in otherwise arid landscapes.

The capital of Brazil, Brasilia, is found in the heart of this region and some of South America’s most iconic rivers, that sustain a vast amount of life across the continent, such as the Amazon, the Paraná-Paraguai and São Francisco river, all begin here in the Cerrado.

Best times to visit

The best time to visit the Brazilian savannah known as the Cerrado is between July and September.


What to do

  • Eco-safaris
  • Birdwatching
  • Stargazing
  • Kayaking on Formoso River
  • Guided bike tours
  • Visit conservationist breeding grounds

Accommodation in Cerrado

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