An oasis of sustainability and preservation amid the Brazilian savannah


Facilities & services

  • Seven suites
  • Restaurant
  • Swimming pool


  • Birdwatching
  • Stargazing
  • Night walks
  • Bicycle trips
  • Night kayaking
  • Day kayaking
  • National park visits

Set on the border that divides the states of Minas Gerais, Bahia and Goias, Pousada Trijunção is highly regarded for its philosophy of supporting the rediscovery of the Cerrado ecoregion, as well as promoting its continual preservation. Located in an oasis which is a true miracle of nature, there’s a striking integration between Pousada Trijunção and its beautiful surroundings, wonderfully anchored by comfort and luxury.

An area of rich flora and fauna, including 13,000 species of plant, 850 species of bird, over 250 mammals and almost 500 reptiles, a stay at Pousada Trijunção helps to stimulate conservation of this natural haven, and allows guests to experience a lush and scenic habitat that spreads across three states.

There are seven suites, all charming, sophisticated and comfortable, decorated with features such as traditional handicrafts and photography. In keeping with the property’s focus on sustainability, the flooring of each suite has been constructed with demolition wood, while numerous other sustainable materials have been used throughout the building process. Other features, such as the use of native plants around the grounds, continues to help the promotion of local ecotourism.

Brazilian literary works about the Cerrado area reference local culinary traditions, most notably the event of cooking outside and cooking inside. The former is embraced through the hosting of barbecues and picnics, while the latter is achieved through a charming on-site restaurant which is underpinned by traditional hospitality.

Positive Impact

Helping to preserve the local wildlife

Trijunção believes in the responsibility of each of us to preserve nature, and on its property, it owns a breeding ground for wild animals for conservation purposes. Carefully and respectfully, their team assists in the local wildlife’s survival, providing suitable conditions of captivity which helps them to develop studies on the wildlife’s biology and reproduction, leaving them ready for future reintroduction into nature. In their conservationist breeding ground they have tapirs, caterpillar deer, emus, peccary and jabutis.

Utilising sustainable materials

In addition to their approach to conserving wildlife, the site also has a focus on recycling and sustainability, beginning with the flooring of all the balconies and suites, which consists of demolition wood. The decoration is largely undertaken by artisans from the region, using materials collected in a sustainable way in the Cerrado, such as bark and branches, dead trees and fallen leaves and fruits. Beyond this, most of their staff is from the region and, by promoting it as an eco-tourism destination, Pousada Trijunção helps the Cerrado to face one of the greatest challenges and opportunities in conservation today – giving economic value to the preserved nature.

The Long Run

The Long Run is a membership organisation of nature-based tourism businesses committed to driving sustainability. Here at Jacada, we’ve signed The Long Run Charter – a document that advocates for a 4Cs approach to sustainability. By focusing on our impacts across the different areas of Conservation, Community, Culture and Commerce, we hope to make a positive impact across the globe with our trips. The Long Run’s Global Ecosphere Retreats are hotels and lodgings which are centres of excellence in sustainability, and Fellow Members are properties committed to achieving the highest standards in sustainability by positively impacting the conservation of nature and improving the wellbeing of local communities. At Jacada, we’re working with a number of these properties to help increase the positive impact we’re striving to create through travel. Find out more about The Long Run here.

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