Immerse yourselves in romantic cities, beautiful countryside and sprawling vineyards in a luxury Spain honeymoon.

With its sublime architecure, beautiful coastline and world-famous cuisine, Spain is as exciting as it is romantic. From the sun soaked south with its love of fiery flamenco and soulful music to the rugged hills and vineyards of the Basque Country, there is so much to explore in this wonderfully vibrant country.

Whatever your interests, our Travel Designers will create a bespoke trip that is full of memorable experiences that let you really uncover the heart and soul of Spain.

The cities of Barcelona, Seville, Cordoba and Granada are bursting with history and culture and privately guided tours let you explore the hidden sidestreets and little-known gems. We can even arrange scenic helicopter flights and hot air balloon rides that offer unparalleled views.

Spain is famous the world over for its food and drink, and you’ll never have to walk far before stumbling across a brilliant local tapas restaurant. Great food deserves a great accompaniment and the vineyards and wineries of Rioja are ripe for exploring. Active couples will love the hiking in the north, the beautiful coastline and the sparkling island of Mallorca.

Throughout your luxury Spain honeymoon you will be staying in luxury accommodation, with every kind of style on offer from contemporary hotels to historic properties and cosy boutiques. Of course, this is your honeymoon so you can include as little or as much as you’d like – simply speak to your Travel Designer and together create an unforgettable trip.

A honeymoon in Spain will be passionate, picturesque and surprising in the best ways possible. With so many world-class restaurants, spectacular five-star hotels and incredible natural scenery, there will never be a moment you don’t love. From Andalusia to Madrid, to the lively city of Barcelona, be prepared to be completely blown away by this incredible country.

Melania Siriu
Senior Travel Designer

Need to Know

  • is the local time
  • Euro is the local currency
  • Madrid is the capital city
  • Tortilla española is Spain's national dish

When to go

The summers can get very hot in southern Spain so visiting in spring, early summer and autumn is preferable. The north is still hot during the summer but is cooler than the south, which is great for hiking. With plenty of museums and galleries in the cities, they make great year-round destinations.