Al fresco dining, Sossuvlei Desert Lodge, Namibia

Luxury Desert Adventure Vacations

Written by
Kate Herz, Lily Bunker & Jonny Humphreys

A journey into the desert is more than just a holiday. It's an adventure, an escape from modern life and a chance to reconnect with yourself and the elements.

Disconnecting from the modern world doesn't have to mean disconnecting with comfort.

Choose one of our favourite luxury desert camps and work with our expert travel designers to plan your perfect itinerary. Packed with exclusive experiences and dramatic desert beauty, these luxury desert adventures are exceptional.

Explore the Outback
Longitude 131
Hitch a Hot Air Balloon
Namib Desert
See leopards & tigers
Longitude 131, Uluru and the Outback, Australia

Longitude 131, Australia

Located in the heart of Australia‘s outback, close to the glowing UNESCO World Heritage Site that is the sacred red rock of Uluru, sits luxury desert camp Longitude 131°, offering guests a complete and personal Red Centre experience with a range of inclusive guided outback excursions scheduled daily. Learn about the history of the sacred Uluru, explore gorges and visit the Field of Light solar installation, an internationally acclaimed work of art. 

Camel ride near Longitude 131, Uluru and the Outback, Australia

For a real adventure, combine it with an ultimate trip around Australia, exploring some of the best experiences the country has to offer, from the busy cities of Sydney and Melbourne to the rugged and charming areas of Kangaroo Island and Tasmania – and everything in between.

Tented camp and Kata Juta at sunrise, Longitude 131, Uluru and the Outback, Australia
Namibia Desert

Wolwedans, Namibia

Stay in the Namib desert at one of the world’s most beautiful desert camps, complete with a spa. Enjoy your time in the world’s oldest desert with your guides here taking you on walking safaris or drives and embark on a privately guided excursion of the incredible Sossusvlei Dunes. You can also take an unforgettable trip out across the desert by hot air balloon, floating serenely across the skies.

Wolwesdans, Dunes Lodge, Namibia

Incorporate this desert experience into an adventurous flying itinerary that sees you cross this country’s vast and beautiful wilderness in comfort, allowing more time in each of its varied and unique destinations.


Jawai, Rajasthan

This luxury camp holds just nine luxurious canvas tents, including a family suite, each airy and spacious with en suite bathrooms and a private veranda. Explore this remote corner of the desert state of Rajasthan on a variety of beguiling activities, from game drives out to spot leopards and other wildlife, to bird watching walks, strolls with the local shepherds or more challenging treks.

Ice bucket and glasses on the table, Jawai, Rajasthan, India

Include a stay at JAWAI on an active adventure trip of Delhi and Rajasthan, visiting nearby temples and forts, mountain biking across the wild landscapes or relaxing with yoga sessions in wonderfully secluded locations.

Rabari Herdsman with sheep, Rajasthan, India

Alto Atacama, Chile

Camouflaged against the terracotta red rocks of the Atacama Desert sits the spa lodge of the Alto Atacama. Complementing its surroundings, it is also sympathetic to its arid location, and responsibly sources its materials locally, and designed to be water and energy efficient, whilst simultaneously maintaining exceptionally high standards for its guests.

Alto Atacama Lodge & Spa, Atacama Desert, Chile

Enjoy yoga, spa treatments and hot springs as well as tailored expeditions and excursions. Tie your desert adventure in with a luxurious two-week private tour to Patagonia, Easter Island and Chile’s world-famous wine region for a trip to delight all the senses.

Alto Atacama Lodge & Spa, Atacama Desert, Chile
Blue ice cave Antarctica

Whichaway Camp, Antarctica

Deserts are often synonymous with hot and arid climates, however that isn’t always the case. Antarctica is technically a desert as it very rarely rains, and it is also the biggest desert in the world. Go on a cool adventure across one of the least explored regions of the world, staying in spacious luxury pods before heading out on ice hikes, kite skiing, exploring ice caves and abseiling down icy cliffs.

Whichaway Camp White Desert Antarctica

A stay in these pods is a once in a lifetime, in-depth Antarctica experience, a chance to explore its landscapes and wildlife from an expert, hi-tech camp base for six full days. This trip includes a flight further inland to observe an Emperor Penguin colony up close and a night at the Geographical South Pole.

Penguins on the snow

Talk to one of our expert travel designers today and start planning your once-in-a-lifetime desert adventure.