One of Mexico’s prettiest and crookedly-charming cities, Guanajuato in the country’s northern colonial heartland might look as if it was hurriedly put together but is fascinating for its mining past, political history and a wonderful place to lose yourself in its winding alleys and scrambled streets.

Founded in 1559, Guanajuato was to become one of the most important mining cities in the colonial world, with the La Valenciana mine alone producing one third of the world’s silver at one time.

A colourful, and now UNESCO-protected, labyrinth of colonial mansions, churches, small plazas, tunnels and crooked stairways, funnelled into this narrow highland valley, makes this is a very picturesque place to stay and soak up Mexico’s past.

Close to San Miguel de Allende, it is possible to either stay there or here to explore this rich colonial heartland of Mexico.

What to do

  • Visit some the best museums and mines in the country including the Mummy Museum and Mina de Rayas and La Valenciana mines
  • Fantastic photographic opportunities - we can organise lessons with a professional
  • Private city, cultural and historical tours
  • Ride the funicular to the mountain top and the statue of El Pipila for fantastic views over the city
  • If there at the right time, there are some dazzling callejoneadas (night street parades)
  • Take a stroll around the art galleries, cafes and restaurants of the Union Gardens
  • The city'??s set out is not very car-friendly, so discovering it by foot is the order of the day