One of the premier dry fly-fishing locations in the world. The fishing is spectacular with fish large and abundant. Depending on the location one can expect fine specimens of brown and rainbow trout as well as Chinook, Coho and Atlantic salmon. Crystal clear water means it’s possible to spot a trout from 30ft away.

The abundance of the fish is matched by the beauty of the location. There can be few settings more pristine and scenic with snow-capped volcanoes, temperate rainforest and crystal clear glacier fed streams and lakes.

There is a great variety of waters and landscapes to fish in, from small creeks to large rivers and lakes, making each day a unique experience.

We source the very best guides and fishing-lodges to ensure that you will have the most comfortable and enjoyable experience in this spectacular area.

What to do

  • Dry-fly-fishing is obviously the main draw but the stunning backdrops also ensure a good variety of other outdoor pursuits