Bahia Bustamante, Argentina

Argentina Bucket List: Top 10 Things to Do in Argentina

Written by
Lily Bunker & Jennifer Richt

Argentina is a place of real adventure, from intrepid expeditions to exclusive experiences.

Whether it's sincere cultural exchanges or exploring other-worldly landscapes, Argentina has it all.

To help narrow things down a bit, here's our pick of the top ten things to do in Argentina.

Ride with Gauchos
The Ibera Wetlands
Explore the desert
The Puna
Scale snowy peaks
The Andes
Argentinian chef cooking meat

1) Dine in a 'closed door' restaurant in Buenos Aires

Tucked away in plain sight this dining concept means you step over the threshold of simply being a tourist to enjoying the very real and vibrant hospitality at the table of a Porteño (what you call Buenos Aires denizens). These are no mere home-hosted dinners either, but celebrated chefs offering multiple course gourmet banquets.

Argentinian Steak

The only difference being, these delicious feasts are served up in the intimate surroundings of their city mansion or apartment. Each usually has their own style paired with a set menu which changes weekly and depending on what’s in season or what type of cuisine they specialise in.

Ocho Once, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Horse riding, Cruce del Estero, Ibera Wetlands, Argentina

2) Ride with gauchos across the Ibera wetlands

Get an authentic taste of the gaucho lifestyle in utmost luxury, basing yourself at one of the comfortable estancias in Argentina’s Wetlands area and riding out daily to discover the region’s fantastic wildlife.

Horse riding, Cruce del Estero, Ibera Wetlands, Argentina

Alternatively, you can go one step further and accompany gauchos on a full expedition across the wetlands, staying at homesteads along the way. Speak to our expert Argentina travel designers for more information.

Gauchos Estancia Los Potreros
Canyon of a Devil

3) Drive the Puna

You might think you’re looking at a satellite image from another planet, but this Martian landscape is in fact the Argentine Altiplano. Between Salta to the west and the borders of Chile and Bolivia this elevated (4,500m) plateau of wildly striking and desolate landscapes is filled with rare sights of Salt Flats, flamingos, ancient Incan trails, desert labyrinths, herds of llamas and vicuñas, the turquoise ponds of Ojos del Mar, the oasis of Antofajita, and clay-brick pueblos (towns).


We offer private 4WD drives with our expert local guides through the magnificent Puna from Salta to San Antonio de las Cobres and Tolar Grande right down to the frontier-town of El Peñon, stopping at the various sights and the magnificent transition of landscapes as you move south. Amongst the desert’s salt lakes, extraordinary colours, flamingos, clay deserts, Mars-like landscapes, dunes, strangely eroded atolls and pumice fields, you will feel like the only people on a planet that looks nothing like Earth.

The Puna, Argentina
Snowshoeing in the Andes, Argentina

4) Go snowshoeing in the Andes

If you thought wine was the only feature of the Mendoza Valley, think again (although it is, of course, a big feature). For a heady experience of a different kind, pull on your snow shoes and scale the snow-capped mountains of the Andes Cordillera.


Led by one of our expert local guides, lunch will be a highlight as you stop at a beautiful mountainside spot to soak up the sensational views of sweeping vineyards, majestic peaks and plunging valleys.

Aconagua, Argentina, Mendoza
Polo, Estancia La Sofia, Argentina

5) Private polo lessons

Possibly our favourite estancia in the Pampas, mixing first class comfort with a friendly and authentic set of working ranch staff, Le Bamba will have you handling horses like a pro in no time.


A large estancia with its own stables, you are spoilt for choice in terms of equine activities, and special, one-to-one polo lessons can be arranged on request.

Clinica de Polo
Woman bathing in pool, Bahia Bustamante, Argentina

6) Discover the wild Patagonian coastline

Bahia Bustamante is way off this country’s beaten tourist track. Yet it’s one of best places in Latin America for spotting a vast array or marine animals and birds (sea lions, steamer ducks, orcas, southern right whales and penguins to name a few).

Bahia Bustamante, Argentina

Estancia Bahia Bustamante is the flagship property on this isolated southern Patagonian coastline. It incorporates three working ranches, and in the company of their expert guides will take you by boat, bicycle, foot or horse back to discover the islands, beaches, fauna and petrified forests of this, the Gravina Peninsula.

Estancia Bahia Bustamante, Argentina
Mount Fitzroy, Patagonia

7) Be guided by labradors through the Lake District

This family run estancia in Argentina’s Lake District has a couple of golden charms. Well, call it four golden retrievers who can guide visitors on a number of hiking trails from the property.

Labradors, Estancia Perma Hue, Argentine Lake District, Argentina

Combined with other factors, this puts the estancia firmly amongst our favourites in all of Latin America, and the very best way to see the Argentine Lake District.

Family hiking Patagonia

8) A wine tour of Mendoza

This private tour of Mendoza’s best wineries, the artistry behind its production and the local artists it supports makes for one of the most comprehensive and immersive excursions to be had in this region.


What’s more, your expert guide will tailor make the tour to you then and there, selecting those vineyards and wineries that fit your interests, preferences and passions with plenty of opportunities for tasting wines and savouring gourmet food along the way.

Basket of grapes in Mendoza, Argentina

9) An art tour of Buenos Aires

Get right to the heart of the Buenos Aires art scene with one of our specially arranged private tours, guided by one of the city’s most renowned curators. You’ll have access to private artist’s studios, ateliers and galleries.

Atelier Herman Salamanco, Argentina, Mendoza

You can even meet the artists themselves and have a guided commentary on their themes, with fascinating discussions of identity and culture caught up in the various works on offer. Like what you see? You’ll have the opportunity to buy as well.

Group glacier trek, Calafate, Argentina

10) Ice trekking in Calafate

Rather than simply admire it from afar, why not strap on a pair of crampons and discover the fascinating glaciology of the famous Perito Moreno glacier on foot? An expert team of guides will show you the vast blue lagoons, deep fissures and surreal caves that lurk behind its towering walls.


It won’t take you long to realise why it has become one of the most famous glaciers in the world.Get in touch with our travel designers and start planning your own adventure.

Perito Moreno Glacier, Calafate, Argentina

Talk to one of our expert travel designers today and start planning your once-in-a-lifetime trip to Argentina.