Experience golden beaches, ancient temples and a laid-back safari in a luxury Sri Lanka honeymoon.

We offer a fully tailor-made luxury service to create the perfect Sri Lanka honeymoon for you and your fiancée.

Sri Lanka is an island full of character and beauty, a wonderful place for a romantic honeymoon that’s away from it all. The kind of place for couples who enjoy more than a nice hotel on the beach, with a taste for adventure, wildlife and culture.

Its diversity and small size make it a wonderful island to really explore. There are charming colonial towns, rolling hills blanketed by green tea plantations, ancient temples and thriving national parks, all surrounded by warm tropical seas skirted by miles of laid back sandy beaches.

Your dedicated travel designer, with their first-hand experience and expertise of Sri Lanka, will help to plan your bespoke itinerary to include as much or as little as you like. We’ll make sure you have the best guides, your ideal accommodation, and the right combination of locations according to you, making sure that everything about your honeymoon is perfect and personalised to you as a couple.

Need to Know

  • is the local time
  • Sri Lanka Rupee is the local currency
  • Colombo is the capital city
  • Rice and curry is Sri Lanka's national dish

When to Go

Sri Lanka’s tropical climate generally offers warmth and sunshine throughout the year. The east coast is best visited between March and September, whilst the south coast is at its peak between November and March. Sri Lanka is affected by two monsoon seasons caused by the winds originating from the Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal. The sout west monsoon (Yala) brings rain to Colombo and the south and west coasts during May and June. The north east monsoon (Maha) affects the far north and east between December and February.