Immerse yourselves in the richest of cultures, ancient cities and stunning landscapes with a luxury India honeymoon.

We offer a fully tailor-made luxury service to create the perfect India honeymoon for you and your fiancée.

India’s vastness, stretching down from the snow-capped Himalayas in the north, through deserts and jungles south to green hills and laid-back beaches, plays host to an ancient culture and incredible wildlife, a fine setting for your luxury honeymoon.

Start with sunrise at the Taj Mahal, the ‘monument to love’, and you can soon be relaxing at an opulent palace surrounded by the pastel hues of pink Jaipur or the lakes of Udaipur.

The mountains host spiritual retreats and authentic local experiences, while numerous national parks are the backdrop for the timeless romance of a safari, spotting tigers lit by a yellow-dusk light that is so uniquely Indian.

Kerala’s coastline and backwaters have their own relaxed charm and the idyllic islands of the Maldives, a short flight south, are a fabulous place to finish your journey.

Need to Know

  • is the local time
  • Indian Rupee is the local currency
  • New Delhi is the capital city
  • Biryani is India's national dish
  • Mumbai is the country's largest city

When to go

The best time to visit is during the dry, cool season between October and March. National parks in central and northern India are open from October until the end of June with sightings better from February onward when there is less foliage. The dry season is also ideal for those wanting to trek in the far north.