Sophisticated Thailand and Cambodia Explorer

Duration 13 days
Ideal time to visit November–March
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Embark on a 15-day journey through Cambodia and Thailand, beginning with three days in Siem Reap, where you'll explore the majestic temples of Angkor Wat at sunrise before immersing yourself in Bangkok's bustling streets for three days of street food tours and cultural exploration. Traverse north to Chiang Mai for four days of temple visits and cultural experiences. Conclude your adventure with four days of relaxation on the pristine beaches of Phuket, where you can unwind in luxury resorts, indulge in water sports, and explore surrounding islets. Throughout the journey, knowledgeable guides provide insights into the history, culture and culinary delights of each destination, ensuring an unforgettable exploration of Southeast Asia's diverse charms.

Trip highlights

  • Visit Angkor Wat at sunrise
  • Go on a Vespa foodie tour in Siem Reap
  • Attend a morning monk chanting ritual in Bangkok
  • Enjoy a dinner cruise along the Chao Phraya River
  • Discover Bangkok's street food scene by tuk tuk
  • Experience Chiang Mai by night
  • Explore the natural wonders of Khao Sok National Park
  • Board a sunset cocktail cruise in Phuket

Bespoke trips with Jacada

We design one-of-a-kind journeys incorporating luxury in all its forms. Our bespoke trips include:

  • Luxury accommodation throughout
  • Privately guided tours
  • Private transfers
  • Meticulously selected experiences
  • Expertise and support from your Jacada Concierge
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  • Days 1-4 Siem Reap and Angkor Wat
  • Days 4-7 Bangkok
  • Days 7-10 Chiang Mai
  • Days 10-13 Phuket
Sophisticated Thailand and Cambodia Explorer
Price guide
  • Days 1-4 Siem Reap and Angkor Wat
  • Days 4-7 Bangkok
  • Days 7-10 Chiang Mai
  • Days 10-13 Phuket

Itinerary in detail

Every Jacada trip is tailored to your personal preferences and interests. Below you’ll find a sample itinerary to inspire your own custom-designed journey.

Days 1-4

An introduction to Siem Reap and Angkor Wat

Siem Reap serves as the gateway to one of the most iconic archaeological sites in the world: Angkor Wat. Steeped in history and surrounded by lush greenery, Siem Reap offers a vibrant mix of traditional Khmer culture and modern amenities.

However, it’s the ancient temple complex of Angkor Wat that truly steals the spotlight. As the largest religious monument in the world, Angkor Wat stands as a testament to the grandeur and ingenuity of the Khmer Empire, showcasing intricate carvings, towering spires and sprawling grounds.

Beyond its architectural magnificence, Angkor Wat holds profound spiritual significance for the Cambodian people, serving as a symbol of national identity and resilience. A visit to Siem Reap and Angkor Wat promises an unforgettable journey through time, where the mysteries of the past blend seamlessly with the beauty of the present.

Make it mine

Culture and adventure




A cycling tour of the temples of the forest

Set off on a cycling adventure starting at Srah Srang. Wander through the temple from the West entrance to the East entrance (a 1–2 km journey).

Resume your ride for 15 minutes through the forest to Ta Nei, a seldom visited temple where you might have the place to yourself.

Enjoy a light breakfast in this serene setting before continuing your exploration.

Conclude the morning at Ta Keo temple, known as the ‘mountain with bronze peaks’, featuring its distinctive five-tiered pyramid structure.

A private tour of Angkor Thom

Embark on a road trip to Angkor Thom’s Victory Gate. Choose between walking along the city wall to the Death Gate or continuing by road. En route to the Terrace of the Leper King, pause to admire a statue from Bayon now displayed at Vihear Prampeilveng.

Begin anew at Preah Palilay, stroll through parkland past Phimeanakas and Baphuon and reach Bayon.

Explore its captivating stone faces and intricate bas reliefs illustrating Angkorian life with your guide.




A person leading cattle through the countryside in Siem Reap

Visit the Siem Reap countryside

Venture beyond the temples of Siem Reap into rural landscapes little-changed since the era of Jayavarman VII. A brief journey from the city leads you to modern pagodas and rural communities where you can buy seasonal fruits straight from the tree.

Stay to dine in a villa surrounded by rice paddies, wandering across the levees and enjoy traditional Khmer music while the chef prepares your meal.

Vespa street food tour

Tonight, embark on a culinary adventure, visiting popular hotspots favoured by the locals of Siem Reap.

Explore the city aboard a Vespa, an ideal mode of transport to soak in the vibrant atmosphere, while delighting in a variety of exotic fruits, fried delicacies, grilled meats and other delectable treats.

Wash down these flavoursome dishes with local beer, rice wine, and refreshing soft drinks, awakening your palate to the sweet, bitter and distinctive flavours that epitomise Cambodian cuisine.

Sunrise tour of Angkor Wat

Beautiful aerial view of Angkor Wat at sunrise Siem reap Cambodia

Witness the breathtaking sunrise at Angkor Wat, a marvel of ancient architecture and one of the world’s wonders. Relish at the temple’s grandeur and learn about the flourishing Khmer Empire during its construction between the 9th and 13th centuries.

Wander through the exquisitely adorned corridors adorned with intricate carvings, offering insight into the temple’s rich history and continued significance for local communities.

A private boat tour of Tonle Sap lake

The Tonle Sap lake, renowned as the world’s most bountiful freshwater fishing ground, is a national treasure boasting an ever-changing landscape.

Communities residing along its shores adapt to drastic seasonal fluctuations in water levels by constructing homes atop floating bamboo rafts or towering stilts reaching 10 meters (30 feet) high.

Depending on water levels, you’ll visit either Kompong Khleang or Kompong Phluk village to gain insight into lake life. Pause at stilted houses to learn about the daily lives of subsistence fishing families before continuing your exploration by boat along the lake’s periphery.

As you delve into water-based existence, we’ll have prepared a picnic lunch for you to savour onboard, allowing you to immerse yourself fully in the unique ambiance of this extraordinary locale.

Days 4-7

Three days exploring Bangkok

Bangkok, the bustling capital of Thailand, is a vibrant metropolis that effortlessly blends traditional charm with modernity. Renowned for its vibrant street life, ornate temples and mouthwatering cuisine, Bangkok offers a sensory overload of sights, sounds and flavors. From the iconic Grand Palace and majestic Wat Arun to the bustling markets of Chatuchak and the aromatic street food stalls lining every corner, there’s something to enchant every visitor. Explore the city’s intricate network of canals, known as khlongs, or dive into its thriving nightlife scene, where rooftop bars and night markets illuminate the skyline. Bangkok’s energy is infectious, leaving a lasting impression on all who visit.

Make it mine

By day

By night

Morning monk chanting ritual and a tour of the Grand Palace

Start your day early with a visit to Wat Pho to witness the serene morning chanting ritual of the monks, commencing around 9am.

Many find this experience deeply uplifting and personal. Following the ritual, embark on a guided tour of the temple grounds, where you’ll be awe-struck by the colossal 45-meter reclining Buddha statue. Next, proceed to the Grand Palace, a symbol of Thailand’s significance, to marvel at its grandeur and majestic throne halls. Don’t miss the chance to view the revered Emerald Buddha, considered Thailand’s most sacred Buddha image.

An evening dinner cruise

Indulge in the epitome of Bangkok luxury with a cruise aboard the Manohra rice barge, transformed into one of the city’s premier dining destinations.

Glide along the Chao Phraya River, soaking in the mesmerising sights: from the breathtaking Temple of Dawn to the illuminated Grand Palace, majestic temples, iconic bridges and other landmarks.

Onboard, savour a delectable five-course dinner as you leisurely journey up the river, before returning to your hotel.

A cycling tour of Bang Krachao

Nestled just moments away from Bangkok’s bustling center lies Bang Krachao, an enchanting network of serene roads, waterways and villages. Here, the essence of traditional Thai life remains untouched by modernity, creating an idyllic escape within the city limits.

Embark on a two-hour bike ride through this tranquil oasis, passing by local markets, quaint Thai houses, and glistening temples, all enveloped by the tranquil embrace of tropical jungle.

In Bang Kra Jao, the journey winds along narrow elevated pathways, providing a unique perspective over the mangroves. It’s important for all riders, especially children, to feel comfortable navigating these pathways.

If your visit coincides with a Saturday or Sunday, don’t miss the opportunity to explore the vibrant Bang Nam Phueng market, a lively hub of activity in this charming rural community.

Bangkok street food tour by tuk tuk

Hop aboard a lively tuk-tuk and dive into the bustling streets of Bangkok, where you’ll embark on a culinary adventure to sample some of its renowned street food, all while accompanied by a knowledgeable guide.




Days 7-10

Three nights in Chiang Mai

Explore the wonderful city of Chiang Mai and spend time enjoying the surrounding countryside. Much smaller and more relaxed than Bangkok, it’s steeped in history and you can spend hours wandering around the temples and night markets in the Old Town. If you fancy heading out of town, you’ll be perfectly placed to explore the surrounding national parks and try out a few more adventurous activities.


Trip highlights

Chiang Mai by night

Laidback Chiang Mai

A night discovery of Chiang Mai

Famed as the ‘capital of the north’, Chiang Mai has a lot on offer. On this private tour you will see the city in full swing, at night when the true magic comes alive.

Starting the evening at a local temple, you will experience the regions rich culture by joining the monks evening prayers.

Up next is some impressive dining at a traditional Thai wooden house, where you will be spoilt for choice by the vast selection of fresh local food.

To walk off your meal, you will visit one of the Chiang Mai’s main evening attraction, the Warorot market.

From food to clothes to gold, you can buy everything here, wander through the market and entwine yourself in its charm. This bustling market is the hub of local life and you will be able to finish off the evening with one more treat, indulging in the heavenly Thai sweets and desserts.

The pleasures of slow travel in Chiang Mai

Surrounded by forested hills and straddled along the banks of the tranquil Mae Ping River, Chiang Mai offers unrivalled opportunity for kicking back and enjoying the traditional Lanna-style charm of northern Thailand.

Visit a fragrant herbal garden before traveling by long-tail boat down the Mae Ping River. After arriving back in the city, uncover the charismatic Wararot Market and impressive Wat Phra Singh.

Days 10-13

Unwind in Phuket

The ‘Pearl of the Andaman’, Phuket is blessed with castaway white sand beaches, aquamarine water and sublime, protected marine parks. Filling your time here is effortless – kayak in its turquoise waters and find offshore caves and hidden lagoons, lounge on beautiful beaches and journey around the island just to take in the views from the winding coastal roads.


Exclusive experiences

In nature

On the water

A trek through the jungle

Explore the forests, mountains, rivers and waterfalls of Khao Sok National Park on a trek through the jungle.


A sunset cocktail cruise

Indulge in the exquisite pleasure of savouring freshly crafted cocktails paired with an array of distinctive signature canapés as you embark on a captivating journey across the open waters aboard the luxurious Lady Sarojin.

Traverse through the serene beauty of mangrove forests and picturesque estuaries, immersing yourself in the tranquil ambiance of nature’s splendour while delighting in unparalleled service.

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We enjoyed travelling with Jacada for the 3rd time, this time to Thailand. This was another unforgetable experience. Thanks to Kate and the team for such a well orchestrated trip! Everything from the moment we landed in Bangkok up to the last day went very well. Once again we were quite impressed with your recommendation of hotels and quality of…

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