A Luxury Vietnam and Cambodia Honeymoon

Duration 13 days
Ideal time to visit January–March
Price guide
Embark on a romantic journey through the enchanting landscapes of Vietnam and Cambodia, where ancient temples, serene lakes, quaint small towns and tantalising street food await. Your luxury honeymoon adventure includes a visit to the temples of Angkor Wat in Cambodia, a symbol of love and devotion frozen in time.

Trip highlights

  • Savour Hanoi's specialties on a personalised street-food tour
  • Spend the night on a traditional junk ship in Lan Ha Bay
  • Head out on a market tour with a local chef in Hoi An
  • Discover Ho Chi Minh City by Vespa
  • Cycle and sail along the Mekong River
  • Visit Angkor Wat at sunrise

Bespoke trips with Jacada

We design one-of-a-kind journeys incorporating luxury in all its forms. Our bespoke trips include:

  • Luxury accommodation throughout
  • Privately guided tours
  • Private transfers
  • Meticulously selected experiences
  • Expertise and support from your Jacada Concierge
Sketch of woman in art gallery
  • Days 1–3 Hanoi
  • Days 3–4 Lan Ha Bay
  • Days 4–7 Hoi An
  • Days 7–10 Ho Chi Minh
  • Days 10–13 Siem Reap and Angkor Wat
Luxury Vietnam and Cambodia Honeymoon
Price guide
  • Days 1–3 Hanoi
  • Days 3–4 Lan Ha Bay
  • Days 4–7 Hoi An
  • Days 7–10 Ho Chi Minh
  • Days 10–13 Siem Reap and Angkor Wat

Itinerary in detail

Every Jacada trip is tailored to your personal preferences and interests. Below you’ll find a sample itinerary to inspire your own custom-designed journey.

Days 1–3

Discover Hanoi like a local

Your luxury honeymoon starts with two nights in the vibrant Vietnamese capital, Hanoi. With its ochre-coloured buildings, tree-lined boulevards and scenic lakes, this is a city full of charm. You’ll have our recommendations for sightseeing and restaurant recommendations, and we’ll arrange specialist private excursions.

The narrow streets of Hanoi's train street

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Street food

A pagoda overlooks a small pond

Hanoi city by cyclo

Start your tour at the historic Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, where the preserved body of ‘Uncle Ho’ resides. Behind the Mausoleum, you can see Ho Chi Minh’s house. You’ll also visit One Pillar Pagoda, regarded as one of Vietnam’s most iconic temples. You’ll then enjoy a cyclo tour through the old quarterIt’s known for its ‘tunnel’ or ‘tube’ houses which were built to reduce the fees paid when fares were set according to the width of the house. Weaving your way through the maze of backstreets, you’ll get a glimpse into everyday life.

A hot Vietnamese dish is seen steaming amongst other dishes on the table

Street food tour

Street food is an important part of Vietnamese culture and embraced by all. Your street food tour will begin with an introduction to local ingredients at a market. With some background knowledge, it’s time to hit the streets and start your foodie adventure. Explore small alleys and bustling streets and savour some of Hanoi’s specialties which will be recommended and explained by your gastronomic guide.

Days 3–4

One night in Lan Ha Bay

Enjoy an overnight journey through the ethereal beauty of Lan Ha Bay. Spend a night aboard a traditional junk ship, awakening to the surreal sight of limestone karsts piercing through the misty dawn, creating an otherworldly panorama. There are few experiences as magical as watching the sunrise from the comfort of your cabin, then watching it sink behind the sparkling water as the day draws to a close.

As your vessel gracefully navigates through the maze of islands, discover secluded bays and pristine, white sandy beaches that beckon you to explore their untouched splendour. Encounter the enchanting floating villages, where life unfolds against the backdrop of emerald waters and towering cliffs. Caves await your exploration and islands invite you to cycle along their shores. Swimming, snorkeling and kayaking give you the chance to embrace the natural wonders that surround.

Aerial view of Floating fishing village in Lan Ha Bay, Vietnam. UNESCO World Heritage Site. Near Ha Long bay
Days 4–7

Three nights in Hoi An

In the ancient town of Hoi An, time seems to stand still amid the well-preserved buildings and cultural treasures. On a walking tour, immerse yourself in the charm of Hoi An’s pedestrianised streets, where the legacy of Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese influences seamlessly blend. Explore old merchants’ houses, each a testament to the town’s rich history and its cosmopolitan past. Marvel at the 400-year-old Japanese Covered Bridge, an emblem of Hoi An’s enduring allure.

A bustling Hoi An street with lanterns hanging overhead

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On the water

In the kitchen

The sun sets over the water, where a person is seen fishing

A sunset cruise

Set off on a serene sunset cruise into the enchanting Cua Dai Sea. This immersive experience invites you to actively participate in the life of local fishermen. You’ll learn traditional fishing techniques from the skilled hands of local experts as you adapt to the rhythm of the sea and gain insight into their time-honoured techniques.

A chef cooking in a kitchen, creating fire in the pan

Market tour and cookery class

Join a local chef and proprietor to discover their worldwide culinary journey. A passionate and talented chef with in-depth knowledge on the Hoi An food scene will take you on a foodie adventure, starting at Hoi An’s market to meet the vendors who supply some of the finest and freshest ingredients in Vietnam, before a cooking demonstration and wonderful meal.

Days 7–10

Three nights in Ho Chi Minh

Experience a day in the life of a Saigonese as you weave through the streets of Ho Chi Minh, beginning with the city’s largest flower market, Ho Thi Ky. Marvel at the kaleidoscope of colours as vendors trade in a symphony of roses, lotuses, lilies and orchids. Blend in with the locals, savouring Vietnamese coffee at a leisurely pace while absorbing the atmosphere. Throughout your sojourn here, you’ll have plenty of time explore the intricate web of streets, treating your palate to the opulent flavours and aromatic spices that characterise the essence of Vietnamese cuisine. A piping-hot bowl of traditional pho is a culinary masterpiece crafted with love and passed down through generations.

An image of Ho Chi Minh shot from above, with the city skyline seen in the background

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On a Vespa

On the water

A food stall adorned with many brightly coloured ingredients

Vespa street food tour

As you weave through the streets, you’ll discover local hotspots, sampling mouthwatering street food and quintessentially Vietnamese flavours. From pho to banh mi, this Vespa street food tour will introduce you to the rich tapestry of Vietnamese cuisine.

A woman rowing boat in Cai Rang Vietnam.

Sailing along the Mekong

Embark on a tranquil voyage along the legendary Mekong River aboard a traditional wooden boat. As you sail, witness the daily rhythms of river life unfold before your eyes – floating markets, stilted villages, and verdant riverbanks teeming with life. Your local guide will share captivating stories and insights, immersing you in the rich tapestry of the Mekong Delta’s history and traditions.

Days 10–13

Three nights in Siem Reap

Siem Reap, a charming city nestled in northwestern Cambodia, proudly stands as the gateway to the mesmerising Angkor Wat temples. Spend at least a day exploring some of the country’s most famous architectural wonders. Sunrise is one of the most magical times to soak up its majesty.

Traveling by road to the Victory Gate of Angkor Thom, you have the choice of either walking along the path along the city wall to Death Gate or continuing around by road. Begin again at the atmospheric Preah Palilay and walk through the shaded parkland behind the terraces, past Phimeanakas with its beautiful lakes, and the imposing Baphuon to finally reach Jayavarman’s state temple of Bayon at the centre of the city. Exploring this important temple with its many captivating giant stone faces, your guide will point out the most interesting bas-reliefs illustrating everyday life in the Angkorian era.

No visit is complete without sunset drinks at Angkor Thom, while sailing on the complex’s vast moat.

Two Vietnamese monks stand and look to Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, Cambodia

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Lesser-known temples

To the countryside

The roots of a tree are seen enveloping an old temple

Explore Ta Prohm

While the grandeur of Angkor Wat attracts crowds, the serenity of lesser-explored temples offers a unique and intimate experience. Among them, the enchanting Ta Prohm stands out, cloaked in nature’s embrace with intertwining tree roots reclaiming the temple’s stone structures. Venturing off the beaten path allows for a profound connection with the rich Khmer history and the architectural marvels that may not grace postcards but possess a distinct charm of their own.

A person leading cattle through the countryside in Siem Reap

Visit the Siem Reap countryside

Venture beyond the temples of Siem Reap into rural landscapes little-changed since the era of Jayavarman VII. A brief journey from the city leads you to modern pagodas and rural communities where you can buy seasonal fruits straight from the tree. Stay to dine in a villa surrounded by rice paddies, wandering across the levees and enjoy traditional Khmer music while the chef prepares your meal.

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