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Where to Travel in May

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Written by
Louis Dhont

Published on: August 16th, 2017

Last modified: July 28th, 2023

May for us is all about avoiding the crowds.

In many places, this month is on the cusp of peak season, so destinations are at their best with fewer crowds.

Here's where to travel in May to escape the hustle and bustle.

Great weather
sunset over Skye

Spring blossoms and hiking in the UK

Wildflowers are in bloom in Scotland at this time of year, meaning fewer tourists and better weather than in July/August. May is also a great time to head up to the Lake District, as warmer weather means pleasant conditions for hiking and taking in the stunning, dramatic landscape.

snorkelling fiji

Beach escape in the Pacific Islands

May is a fantastic time to travel out to the Pacific Islands, as it marks the beginning of their dry season. With hardly any rain at that time, Fiji, French Polynesia and the Cook Islands are less humid and temperatures are a bit cooler, making outdoor activities more enjoyable. May is also just before peak travel season for the region, so you’ll encounter fewer people.

Classic Terrace, Amalfi Coast, Italy

Great weather in the Mediterranean

For travellers who want to experience the incredible Mediterranean coast with its azure sea, picturesque towns and stunning cuisine, spring is the ideal time to explore the region (particularly Italy and France) as weather is warm and pleasant and crowds are much more manageable.


Safari and waterfalls in Zimbabwe

May is a great time to book a full trip to Zimbabwe. Travellers can enjoy high water and lunar rainbows at Victoria Falls, and then head over to Hwange National Park for a fantastic safari without the crowds.

sunset sailing Santorini Santorini Exclusive Sailing in Santorini , Odysseas boat

Culture, sun and sailing in the Greek islands

Escape to Greece‘s idyllic islands for great weather without the summer throngs. This is the perfect opportunity to enjoy the rich cultural offerings and fascinating ancient historical heritage of the islands, and take advantage of the sunshine and sparkling Aegean sea to try out some sailing.

Mancora Peru Northern Beaches

Surfing and sophistication in Peru

The long Pacific beach expanses of Mancora, Punta Sa and Las Pocitas are a great place to go for some superb surfing, as well as being known for their sophisticated restaurant and hotel scene. May is the start of peak season, and a perfect for an early beach escape.

Laguna Canapa Bolivia

Surreal landscapes in Bolivia

The start of the dry season makes this the perfect time to head for Bolivia. From the fascinating indigenous communities of Lake Titicaca to the surreal beauty of the salt flats and the vibrant markets of La Paz, there’ll be plenty for you to explore and enjoy.


Spot orangutans in Borneo

Head to the wildlife haven of Sandakan during the dry season to see a spectacular array of wildlife including rare and endangered orangutans. While you’re there, hop over to Lankayan Island for palm-fringed beaches and vibrant sea life.

Aerial view of Mauritus

Island hopping in Mauritius

Mauritius‘ four islands pretty much tick all the boxes for a perfect getaway. Idyllic beaches on the Indian Ocean, wonderful wildlife and sealife, spectacular terrain from mountains and forests to coral reefs and gorges, a vibrant mix of culture and history, buzzing cosmopolitan towns and quaint fishing villages. May is the start of their warm, dry winter and the perfect time to catch some sun.

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