Jacada Photo Journal: Croatia

Published on: August 23rd, 2017

Last modified: June 12th, 2024

Friends won’t believe you, when you send them pictures from the Plitviče Lakes in Croatia: “How can those sparkling, translucent pools be real”? And is it really true that half of the population of the city of Split now lives inside the walls of an emperor’s palace and its vibrant labyrinths? There’s so much more, but you’ll have to get used to disbelief in Croatia: astonishment will be your travel companion in this beautiful country! Here are some snaps from my Croatian escape in June. It’s all real, I swear.

I started my Croatian adventure in the historical coastal city of Zadar. This was taken outside the Church of St. Donatus, which dates back to the 9th century.

I then travelled up to the stunning national park of Plitviče Lakes, set inland. These shimmering emerald lakes and revines have been naturally formed over thousands of years, transforming them into the magical water features they are today.

I then took a trip down to another of Croatia’s natural wonders – Krka National Park, close to Šibenik. It is home to seven different magnificent waterfalls running through the region.

Built entirely from stone in the Renaissance era, this is the ornate Cathedral of St James in the town of Šibenik, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

If you look closely, you can see the intricate features of the carvings.  Whilst in Šibenik, just next to the main square, I had the most delicious lunch in Pelegrini, which has been awarded the top restaurant in Croatia. From strawberry soup, to tiny plates of delectable delicacies and a phenomenal gin and tonic, I can see how it has retained this prestigious title!

After Šibenik, I took a boat across to the stunning island of Hvar. There are walls dating back to the 13th century in the port and another Renaissance-era cathedral.

The island also features some of Croatia’s best beaches and pretty lavender fields further inland.

The old town in the walled medieval part of Dubrovnik, now famed for Game of Thrones, is a delight to explore. With beautiful buildings surrounding the limestone plaza, home to hundreds of shops, and stunning views across the Adriatic, there is plenty to do.

Its winding streets with hidden bars and cafes are also a welcome shelter from the midday sun.

The hillside resembled a painting as the sunset cast its golden rays over Dubrovnik harbour.

We took a fabulous trip to the Elaphiti islands on this lovely little boat, exploring hidden coves and turquoise seas.

“Melania…” – I swear I heard the water calling my name… I had to jump in!

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