Intimate, Modern and Comfortable Expedition Cruiser


Facilities & services

  • 38 Cabins
  • Single, Twin and Triple Cabins Available
  • Glass-enclosed Observation Lounge
  • Dining Room
  • Presentation Room
  • Bar
  • Library


  • Excursions to the mainland by Zodiac
  • Lectures and presentations on-board
  • Kayaking and snowshoeing programs optional extra

Antarctica21’s Ocean Nova is a unique set-up allowing you to make the very most of your precious time and maximise exploration at Antarctica itself. Flights depart from Punta Arenas in the South of Chile (the program includes a night in Punta Arenas before the flight where you will have a welcome meal and presentation before your adventure the next day.

Arriving into the Southern Continent you board the Ocean Nova, a modern passenger vessel (rather than a converted scientific vessel as many other cruises). All 38 cabins are outdoor, with private facilities.

A relatively small vessel, the Ocean Nova is able to reach areas other larger cruises cannot, it also allows more exploration as the smaller number of guests means that no time has to be spent waiting for groups to ‘take their turn’ in the visit. Guiding is excellent and there is high guide to guest ratio. As well as zodiac boat trips ashore, you can opt add kayaking or snowshoeing packages to your adventure.


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