The last frontier

Alaska is the largest of the United States and the least densely populated, a true frontier wilderness, America untamed. There are 54,720km (34,000 miles) of shoreline stretching out along the Aleutian Islands to Russia, active volcanoes, half the world’s glaciers, three million lakes, 52 million forested hectares (129 million acres) and vast stretches of tundra deep inside the Arctic Circle.

Wildlife is abundant and diverse, making Alaska one of the best places to view a number of North America’s most iconic species. The state is famous for its bears – including grizzly and Kodiak brown bears, black bears, and Polar bears along its Arctic coastlines – along with other top predators such as Arctic wolf and killer whale, as well as the ever present moose and caribou.

For adventure enthusiasts, Alaska is one massive playground. See Denali, North America’s highest peak, kayak among Prince William Sound’s icebergs, fish for giant salmon, helicopter to creaking glaciers and bike along scenic mountain trails. There’s also a rich native culture to discover
and a thriving culinary scene.

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