Luxury tours to Vietnam and Cambodia

Written by
Kate Herz, Rachel O'Leary & Keith Jarman

Ancient, vibrant and beautiful, Vietnam and Cambodia make a great combination for a journey to the east. Both have their fair share of rich culture and fascinating history and as neighbours, they are easily visited together.

The Mekong River meanders through both countries and one enjoyable way to travel from one to the other is on aboard a luxury boat. Experience the endless energy of Ho Chi Minh and Phnom Penh and let yourself be awed by the beauty of Halong Bay. Explore the ancient ruins at Angkor Wat, and discover ornate temples, imperial cities and white sandy beaches on idyllic islands.

Most people may think of Thailand when they think of beaches but Song Saa is an absolute gem that offers you the chance to experience your very own tropical island getaway.

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