The perfect family trip, from exhilaration in Rio, Tijuca Forest and Trancoso to relaxation in Paraty

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  • Every trip helps support Conservation

  • Every detail taken care of

Itinerary highlights

  • Set off on a speedboat tour of Paraty's stunning coastline
  • Embark on a hike through the enchanting Tijuca Forest
  • Get your heart pumping with a Samba class in Rio
  • Enjoy cycling trails, bird-watching and kayaking around Tutabel Lodge
  • Partake in a percussion workshop with a Brazilian percussionist

What's included

  • Luxury accommodation throughout
  • Full support from your Travel Concierge before, during and after your trip
  • Especially designed for families
  • All tours specified in the itinerary
  • All internal flights and private transfers
  • Expert guides in each destination
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At a glance

This holiday has been perfectly created to suit all the various personalities and interests that come with family life. It’s a truly varied trip and one to give you all fond lasting memories of the fabulous country that is Brazil.

Starting your family adventure in the buzzing capital of Rio de Janeiro, you’ll get stuck right into the fast tempo at a private percussion workshop followed by a high-energy samba class, learning the national dance of Brazil.

You’ll then keep your feet moving with a hike through the Tijuca Forest, exploring the natural wonders of this country, as well as the iconic Christ the Redeemer statue, marking the hike’s conclusion.

Flying over to Paraty, you’ll be surrounded by gorgeous pristine beaches and a wealth of birdlife. Taking to the sea via a speedboat, you’ll venture along Paraty’s coastline before experiencing a sustainable farming tour of Fazenda Bananal.

Next up is Trancoso, and you’ll spend five days and five nights at Tutabel Lodge, filling your days with a mix of relaxing by the beach and outdoor activities, such as kayaking and cycling in the Pau Brazil National Park.

Flying back to Rio for your final night, your trip will come full circle, and you’ll find yourself leaving on an incredible note.

Example trip itinerary

Days 1-3

Rio de Janeiro

Flights & transfers


Private transfer to your hotel

Accommodation in Rio de Janeiro

Percussion workshop Percussion workshop

After lunch, you can enjoy a private workshop with a Brazilian percussionist, who'll teach you the art to Samba percussion.

Samba class Samba class

Samba is the national dance of Brazil, a high-energy Latin dance, known most commonly from the dancers at Rio carnival. Some of Brazil's best samba dancers will teach you some basic samba moves that you'll be able to use later that day.

Tijuca Forest hike Tijuca Forest hike

Hike through Tijuca Forest, which links the Botanical Garden neighbourhood and the Christ Redeemer Statue. Cross streams of water and old ruins from the Portuguese empire and coffee plantation era. The trail is steep and goes around Atlantic forest vegetation and finishes at the bottom of the most famous icon of Rio de Janeiro, the Christ Redeemer.

Flights & transfers


Private transfer to your hotel in Paraty

Days 3-6


Accommodation in Paraty

Speedboat tour Speedboat tour

Explore the stunning beaches, deserted coves, islands, rainforest fringes and underwater aquarium of Paraty's coast aboard a speedboat.

Sustainable farming tour of Fazenda Bananal Sustainable farming tour of Fazenda Bananal

Tour this sustainable farmhouse, with its rammed earth walls and stone columns made with whale oil. Explore the plantations, orchards, vegetable gardens and the various corners of the farm and unveil the history of the key elements of Brazilian food, including sugarcane, sugar and cassava flour.

Here, you can explore the Fazenda Bananal vegetable garden, which covers an area measuring half a soccer field, where they produce about 60 different products throughout the year, including leafy greens, vegetables, fruits and herbs/spices. The techniques used to produce food are aligned with the principles of agroecology, without the use of pesticides and chemical fertilisers, seeking a balance between productivity and respect for the environment. The products are harvested daily, always in the morning, so that their quality and flavour are maintained, straight from the field to the restaurant table.

Also, through observing and identifying birds, you shall have an impressive sample of the incredible world of the birds from the Atlantic Forest. Walk upon trails, accompanied by ornithologists, through the different environments of the farm, bringing people closer not only to birds but also to scientific research.

Flights & transfers


Private transfer to Rio de Janeiro airport


Flight to Porto Seguro airport


Private transfer to your hotel

Days 6-10


Accommodation in Trancoso

Five nights at Tutabel Lodge Five nights at Tutabel Lodge

Spend your time at Tutabel Lodge, making the most of their great range of included activities and exploring the exciting and diverse surroundings, all spelling unforgettable adventure. Combine relaxing days by the beach, with activities and discovery in the likes of the Pau Brazil National Park, following rugged cycling trails, spotting abundant birdlife or heading on a kayaking voyage along the water, you decide. For a more cultural experience, you can also take time to visit a Pataxó Village, existing in the region since the 16th century and distributed across six indigenous lands, this visit will provide a great impression of tribal Brazil.

Flights & transfers


Private transfer to the airport


Flight to Rio de Janeiro


Private transfer to your hotel

Days 10-11

Rio de Janeiro

Accommodation in Rio de Janeiro

Flights & transfers


Private transfer to the airport

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