Antarctica with Jacada Travel

Our polar expert Ciara takes you on a voyage to the frozen planet.  This short video will inspire you to take the once in a lifetime journey to Antarctica with Jacada Travel.

Antarctica with Jacada Travel

Ciara: It’s like being on another planet. You don’t see anybody else the whole time you’re down there, except the people that you’re travelling with. It bears no resemblance to anything I’ve seen before. There’s no greenery, there’s no colours, there’s no sounds really unless you listen intently. You’re completely disconnected from everything. There’s no internet, there’s no television, there’s no news. It takes two days just to get down there, so by the time you get there you really feel like you’ve left civilisation and you’re just entering this whole new world.

The landscape

You’re surrounded by quite imposing, powerful sort of landscapes, the ones that you see in the photographs – big, tall, snow-covered mountains and glaciers and icebergs, all these really, really powerful images, but, you just realise I guess, how fragile everything is and how connected what we do up here is connected to what happens down there and vice versa.

A sense of adventure

I think what’s really special about Antarctica is the true adventure sense of it, the real unknown, the real unpredictability. It’s one of the few places in the world right now, where you can really disconnect from everything, you know, without phones and televisions and all of that and really, just spend quality time with the people that you love down there, and come back with some amazing memories and photographs.

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