Yerevan, Armenia

Tufenkian Heritage Hotel

A landmark hotel

Discover Armenian culture and heritage

Centrally located near Republic Square and opposite the famous open-air Vernissage arts and crafts market (the place for authentic Armenian souvenirs), this handsome landmark hotel was built using Armenian tuff – Yerevan is known as the “pink city” due to its traditional use of this soft rock.

The interior decor of Tufenkian Heritage Hotel has been carefully designed to champion Armenian heritage. In the spacious en-suite rooms and suites, including the “Presidential” apartment with its vast private balcony, the walls are adorned with artisan Tufenkian carpet wall hangings and the beds have sumptuous throws.

The Tufenkian Kharpert restaurant on the ground floor specialises in a new twist on traditional Western Armenian dishes, with plenty of lentils, bulgar pilaf, fresh salads and local spices. The high-ceilinged contemporary space is smart-casual and family-friendly, and its huge windows let in lots of light, gorgeous at breakfast.


Close to Republic Square and all the central sights

Handsome historic architecture

Features traditional Armenian handicrafts

Outdoor swimming pool (May–September)

All-day restaurant

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