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Jacada Photo Journal: Slovenia

A fairytale waiting to be explored

Written by
Melania Siriu

When you arrive in Slovenia you might think "I've got this": it's green, pretty and small, so it can't be so diverse. You couldn't be more wrong... Utterly dispelling this myth, I took a trip around some of the most beautiful landscapes this country exploring the wild countrysides, medieval castles and captivating cities.

Otočec Castle

To start my magical Slovenian adventure, I stayed in the medieval Otočec castle.

This atmospheric building must have come out of a fairy-tale: surrounded by lush greenery, the flowing waters of Krka river, and complete with a suspended bridge…

I arrived in time for dinner and I was mesmerized – I thought a tame, pink dragon or other mystical creature was going to appear any minute… instead, more incredible dishes arrived!

Otočec castle


When the sun begins to set on a warm summer’s day, this serene river is where you want to be.

otocev castle

This pretty little city is full of life. You can dine at some really sinful restaurants by the river, eat two or three colourful gelatos a day with no sense of guilt, and party till late.

Clearly, I did none of those things… I only explored the culture and took a boat by the river. Here’s the evidence!

The two lakes

As we made our way inland, we were posed with the eternal Slovenian dilemma: which Alpine Lake is better, Bled or Bohinj?

Do you prefer insanely turquoise waters with a perfect isle in the middle, which hosts a tiny panoramic Baroque church? I thought this one would be my favourite for certain…

Lake bled

Or do you prefer an emerald lake in a stunning forested valley where you can kayak or take the cable car to Vogel mountain to enjoy the perspective?

Perhaps maybe this one was my favourite… Good news is you don’t have to choose between these two beautiful lakes and you can experience both in the same day!

Lake Bohjinj
Postojna Caves

In the south western part of the country, this 24 kilometre-long karst cave is the atmospheric heart of Slovenia. An underground web of dark passages, it is a fascinating exploration of what goes on below the earth’s surface. One of those places where you are left with no words and you also want to scream for joy.

Predjama Castle

Close to the caves on the return journey, we stopped by this impressive castle carved into the rock like a Michelangelo’s non-finito sculpture!

A trip with surprises thrown in at every turn, you leave Slovenia feeling privileged – like you’ve just discovered Europe’s best kept secret.

Predjama Castle

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Our favourite example trips to Slovenia

The Very Best of Slovenia

A charming sun-drenched Adriatic coastline, stunning lakes, green mountains, historic towns, fine wine and fabulous food. Slovenia truly encapsulates everything that makes this corner of Europe so appealing.

This nine-night trip imbibes the very best of Slovenia is the utmost style and luxury, staying in the finest hotels – including a couple of bona fide castles – with exclusive private tours of the country’s most iconic sights as well as some hidden local gems, wine tastings and gourmet dinners every night.

Begin with two nights on the Slovene Riviera at a grand sea side hotel, exploring this short but spectacular stretch of Adriatic coastline, such as the harbour town of Piran, and sampling the wonderful fresh seafood of the area.

Then head inland for a night among the green hills and combed vineyards of the Goriska Brda Wine Region, discovering medieval Smartno and trying the wonderful local produce at rustic farm and opulent Gredic Castle.

Next head east to Lower Carniola for two nights at the Hotel Grad Otocec, an opulent castle on an island in the middle of a river renowned for its dining. Here you’ll also get to venture underground at the sublime Skocjan Caves and quaint stroll around Kostanjevica na Krki.

Spend the final three nights in Ljubljana, the endearing capital city, walking its cobbled streets, drinking champagne as you cruise down the river and eating at wonderful restaurants, with a last day in the mountains marveling at Lakes Bohing and Bled.

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