Romantic Retreats

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Published on: February 14th, 2018

Last updated: December 28th, 2023

Happy Valentine's Day! What better way to show your special someone that you care than by planning your next romantic retreat. From isolated lodges to elegant cruises, revel in the post-Valentine’s Day romance and spend some quality time together. We all know the element of surprise is essential for achieving the ultimate romantic experience, so talk to one of our travel designers to help you plan your next couple’s getaway or honeymoon with that extra special touch. Anywhere can be a location to fall and feel in love when you’re with the perfect person, but some places just add that extra edge.

Snowy Seclusion

Is there anything more romantic than snuggling up indoors while you watch the snow fall down outside? An ideal hideaway for couples seeking privacy, Logger’s Lodge is set in the midst of snowy Swedish Lapland. Take in the wonders of the northern lights from your front row seats in the lodge’s hot tub. Escape the bustle of city life, slow down and breathe in the crisp, clean air while listening to the sounds of nature. Or head to the land of fire and ice, Iceland, for a romantic retreat. Here, have a private jet waiting on standby for you to chase the northern lights as they emerge and afterwards indulge in a picnic in the glow of the aurora borealis.


Romance on the High Seas

Private cruises for couples are an ideal way to see the sights while relaxing in style. The luxury yacht, Alexa, boasts one exclusive cabin just for you and your loved one, ensuring the utmost in privacy and seclusion. Sail around the picturesque islands of Indonesia, as you indulge in a private dinner on deck or pamper yourself with spa treatments. Off-board offers plenty of delights too; visit remote islands with waterfalls and fish for your supper before settling down to a delicious seafood barbecue on an idyllic, candle-lit beach.

Stargazing Skies

Although there are a plethora of places worldwide to fall asleep under the stars, only a few spots offer breathtakingly clear nights. The Atacama Desert in Chile is a place of other-worldly landscapes so it’s only fitting the desert allows you to gaze upon mysterious galaxies, dazzling stars and imagine other worlds. The Atacama is one of the driest regions in the world and rarely sees rainfall. It also offers very low light pollution, is located at high altitude and has almost no cloud cover. It’s no surprise then that it is home to the world’s most advanced observatories. Share a private dinner under the stars and admire the wonders of the universe, or stay in a private cottage at Awasi for a truly special and luxurious stay.

Cocktails for Couples

If you love nothing more than tasting the finest foods and wines, there are plenty of foodie tours from Vietnam to France for you both to enjoy. Share your passion for gourmet goodies with a private meal arranged by our travel designers in some of the world’s most stunning locations. Share a private dinner at one of Siem Reap’s private temples, or watch the sunset over India’s iconic blue city, Jodhpur, with a glass of champagne in hand from Mehrangarh Fort. We can arrange a private tour when the fort is shut to the public. If adventure stirs the romance, try dining in an elevated tree pod in Thailand or stay in the transparent Adventure Pod located 400 metres above the floor of Peru’s Sacred Valley. As you dine on the deck above your pod, you’ll take in the valley’s sweeping views. Of course no list would be complete without mentioning the pristine beaches of the Maldives. Indulge in a private dinner on a secluded sandback while surrounded by shimmering aquamarine waters and a wide range of fascinating marine life too. If imbibing authentic cocktails is your raison d’ȇtre, be sure to read our cocktails and culture article.

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Treat your special someone and talk to one of our travel designers today to plan your next romantic retreat