Boutique Country Farm overlooking Incan Ruins


Facilities & services

  • 22 rooms
  • Dining room & bar
  • Fireplaces & electric heaters
  • Lounge
  • Laundry service


  • Hikes and treks
  • Ruin visits and museum

With good service, great local food and a location just 500m away from the Ingapirca ruins, the Posada is easily the best lodging in the area.

Rooms are simple, rustic and come in three sizes, single, double and triple, although a handful of suites are also available. As a converted 200 year-old Hacienda, colonial antiques are scattered throughout the property and original features, such as the quaint well found in its manicured grounds. The stone-walled lounge and more ornate dining-room are perfect to relax in after a days’ excursion into the surrounding area.

Just a fifteen minute walk away lies the Ingapirca complex. Other attractions include the Cara del Inca, massive natural rock formations carved by water, and weekly indigenous markets.

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