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When is the Best Time to Visit Chile?

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Emily Opie, Lily Bunker & Jacob Jewitt-Jalland

Chile spans so much from north to south, so you can go year round for different experiences.

Santiago and its surrounding areas are lovely throughout the year, due to their Mediterranean climate. Summer - from December to March - is the most popular time to visit Torres del Paine in Patagonia. During winter - June to August - you can head to the mountains for skiing and snowboarding.

The Atacama Desert tends to be fine year round, except for during February when it sees the most rain. The best time to visit Chile if you want to go to Easter Island is between December and March, which are the summer months.

December - March
June - August
Easter Island
December - March
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Best time to visit Torres del Paine

You can visit Torres del Paine anytime from September to end of April. Spring (September to November) usually sees fewer tourists in the area, and you still get tons of daylight and cooler temperatures, and the plants are coming alive.  If you want to avoid the crowds a bit but still make it for nicer weather, April is a particularly great time to go. It’s not yet full high season and you have beautiful autumn colours and less wind, so generally clearer skies.

Summer runs from mid November to March. During those months, you have warm temperatures and scarce rain, but winds can also get quite strong. December to March is the busiest time of year.

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It’s still possible to go in the winter season but it will be much colder and the days are shorter. However, the upside is that there are fewer people and less wind (meaning clearer skies).

Cuernos del Paine

Go to the Atacama Desert

You can visit the Atacama Desert year round, but it’s best avoided in February as it tends to rain and the desert doesn't cope well with rain - roads get flooded easily. There is a slight low season during our summer (June to August), meaning fewer tourists.


Visit the wine region

80% of the Chilean wines are produced in the central region, close to Santiago, which has a temperate Mediterranean climate year round. Temperatures can change quite drastically between day and night due to the area’s proximity to the mountains (which actually contributes to the wines’ flavour profiles), but it’s the same throughout the year. Grape harvesting season is normally around the end of March to the end of April, and during this time there are lots of local wine picking festivals going on, so it can be a really fun time to go, taste some wine and partake in the festivities.


Check out Easter Island

December to March is usually the best time to go, as it has the least rainfall. The rainy season runs from May (which has the highest rainfall) to October. However, it is an island, so rain can happen at any time. You can have quick showers one minute and then complete sun the next. It has an average temperature of 20 degrees (C) year round,

The first two weeks of February is the Tapati Festival, a huge cultural festival (dancing and singing competitions and sporting events). If you’re interested in the Rapa Nui culture, it’s a particularly fantastic time to travel to the island.

Why visit Chile?

“There’s so much diversity, so much history, and really warm people. In Patagonia you can have four seasons in one day – it’s like being in another world. The Atacama, which used to be under the ocean, has trees that have turned into stone. There’s the wine region if you just want to chill out, relax, enjoy good food and wine, get pampered. And then in some ways it really feels like home.”


"Best travel experience ever!"

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