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San Pedro de Atacama Chile

5 reasons to go to Chile on your next holiday

Written by
Emily Opie, Jennifer Richt, Jobi Chan & Lily Bunker

Chile does scenery to the extreme, making its enviable wealth of distinctive terrains one of the foremost reasons to choose it as your next holiday destination.

The natural wonders are incredible here, from Torres del Paine to Easter Island.

That's not all there is to discover in this vibrant region, though, and there are plenty of other reasons to go. Here are Jacada's top reasons for why you should visit Chile.

Ancient desert
The Atacama
Glorious mountains
Torres del Paine
Historic island
Easter Island

1) Be transported through space and time: The Atacama Desert

Slightly mind-blowing is the fact that this desert is 15 million years old. It has a similar soil constitution to that found on Mars. A virtually rainless plateau, NASA confirmed this as driest desert in the world, yet it can be quite cold (temperatures generally range from 0 – 25°C).


A true example of our earth’s topographical diversity, you can explore this magnificent other-worldly wilderness of geysers, salt lakes, valleys, and volcanoes by horseback, bicycle or 4WD jeep. At night, you can admire the clearest canopy of stars from the comfort of your luxury lodge.

Alto Atacama Lodge & Spa, Atacama Desert, Chile
Chilean Patagonia meadows Torres Del Paine

2) A further three, towering reasons: Torres del Paine

This national park and UNESCO biosphere reserve is quite often the sole reason that people visit Chile. We honestly can’t think of a better one. Everywhere you turn the views are knock-out incredible. This unspoiled wilderness can be appreciated from the myriad carpets of colourful grasslands right up to the three granite towers of the Paine massif.


Indeed, the park is home to four types of habitat: pre-Andean shrubland, Magellanic sub-polar forest, Patagonian steppe and Andean desert. Explore its glaciers, lakes, lagoons, waterfalls and fauna (pumas, huemuls, rheas, guanacos, grey foxes and birdlife) from a choice of some of the world’s foremost hotels for luxury and outdoor expedition guiding.

Easter Island - Rano Raraku

3) One of the world's most famous archaeological sites: Easter Island

There is nothing more spellbinding the sun rising or setting over the Maoi statues that once ringed the entire island. The biggest Maoi statue, if it had been completed, would have weighed 270 tons.


But it’s not all about the statues; there are plenty of hiking and horseback riding excursions to be had, as well as dining on fresh seafood, swimming, snorkelling, spelunking, surfing and stargazing.

Anakena Beach, Easter Island/Rapa Nui, Chile

4) Mad about the outdoors: The Lake District

With sprawling larch forests, iridescent cobalt blue lakes, snow-capped volcanoes and traditional towns that resemble those found in Switzerland, Chile’s vast Lake District is a land of immense beauty and outdoor adventures. Aside from the topographical wonders, discover the indigenous Mapuche culture.


This region was a popular settling point for German, Swiss and Scandinavian immigrants, bringing their cuisines with them,, meaning lots of local culinary pleasures. Plus, you can fish in its rivers, go kayaking and explore the coastline and beaches.

Argentina Lake District
Coyhaique, Aisen Region, Chile

5) Enter the land of the giants: The Aisen Region

Just below the Lake District is the Aisen Region, where the landscape gets even more contorted and dramatic, book-ended by the southern and northern Patagonia ice fields.


This is where you come for glacial lakes, evergreen forests and lonely fjords, all to yourself. And that’s not to mention some of the best fly fishing in the world, the famous marble caves and the San Rafael glacier.

Enchanted Forest Queulat Chile

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