The Pantanal

Caiman Lodge

A traditional ranch-style lodge in the Pantanal

Where the pulse of nature thrums at its most primal

Rising from the PantanalBrazil’s enormous wetland, Caiman Lodge beckons guests to discover a land of immense biodiversity. This century-old ranch has been transformed into 18 suites. Baiazinha, the lodge’s private villa which comes with six bedrooms. Baiazinha is architecturally laid out in the shape of a bird, with each of its six rooms occupying one of the bird’s wings and offering breathtaking views of the sunset over the wetlands.

Inside, every aspect of the interiors and design celebrates the region with Brazilian furniture and artwork. From here, enjoy direct access to the Pantanal, the largest wetland plain on the planet and a designated UNESCO World Natural Heritage and World Biosphere Reserve. As part of your stay at Caiman Lodge, you’re entitled to daily activities ranging from Jeep safaris, Canadian canoe trips, nocturnal spotlighting and nature walks, each led by local expert naturalists. There’s also the opportunity to spot hyacinth macaw and the elusive jaguar in their natural habitat.

Caiman Lodge not only allows much of its land to remain wild but also operates on a sustainable cycle involving livestock, ecotourism and environmental research. In collaboration with the NGO Onçafari, the lodge promotes photographic safaris aimed at enhancing visitors’ understanding of nature. These safaris ensure that animals maintain their wild behaviour while becoming accustomed to safari vehicles without perceiving them as a threat.



Choose between 18 delightful suites or pick Baiazinha, their exclusive private villa

Set out on exciting safaris onboard 4x4 open vehicles

Go on a nocturnal excursion to discover the nighttime habits of animals

Immerse yourself in the flora and fauna and learn more about the Pantanal

Observe jaguars in their natural habitat

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