Trancoso's Most Stylish & Soulful Hotel. Just Beautiful.


Facilities & services

  • Nine private 'Casas'
  • Quartz lined pool (created from forty thousand aventurine quartz stones)
  • Beach service with beach bar
  • Massage room
  • Private dining patio
  • Poolside restaurant
  • Spa with indoor and outdoor treatment rooms


  • Private cookery demonstrations in your own kitchen
  • Horse-riding
  • Skin-diving
  • Canoeing & Snorkelling

Uxua is undoubtedly one of Trancoso’s most stylish offerings. Run by Wilbur Das, creative director of the Diesel fashion label, there is great character and attention to detail, all with a rustic theme that merges effortlessly with the local setting. Accommodation is set in a number of private ‘Casas’ each with a unique style and character and ranging from one to three bedrooms; one is even a tree house.

As a stunning centre-piece to the accommodation is the pool, lined with 40,000 turquoise aventurine quartz stones (native to Bahia) standing as a testament to the careful and painstaking care taken to create a hotel that is at once unique but with roots in the location it is based.

The hotel is located on the ‘Quadrado’ or village square of Trancoso and has a spa with an extensive range of treatments. The restaurant is excellent, with many of the fruits and spices grown in the hotel’s own gardens. Many of the ‘Casas’ have their own full kitchen and local chefs can be brought in to give you a lesson in local cuisine.

The Casas themselves are large and equipped with all the amenities one would expect in a luxury accommodation, some include jacuzzis and private plunge pools. They are all beautifully decorated with items produced by local artisans.

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