The most luxurious lodge in the Pantanal


Facilities & services

  • Two options of accommodation: Baiazinha and Cordilheira Lodges
  • Living room, dining room, swimming pool, restaurant & Wi-Fi


  • Daily scheduled safaris/guided tours
  • Photographic and jaguar safaris
  • Walking trails
  • Canoe and bike tours
  • Nocturnal spotlight
  • Birdwatching
  • Very successful conservation programmes for jaguars and hyacinth macaws

Caiman Ecological Refuge is the most comfortable lodge in the Pantanal and offers a truly wonderful and unique experience.

The lodge is set in the grounds of a working cattle ranch and despite the strong human influence in this area, there is still plenty of wildlife to see. Capybaras, hyacinth macaws, caiman, jaribu stalks and lots of other wildlife are all seen regularly in the immediate surrounds of the lodge.

Activities are shared with other guests (a maximum of 12) and are tailored to the less active traveller, with hikes generally of a shorter length and cycling on relaxed trails

Positive Impact

Creating and maintaining a reserve

Recognising the need for cattle ranchers to live in better harmony with the natural habitat, in 2004 10% of Caiman’s ranch was set aside and turned into the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve. Selected by scientists from the University of Sao Paulo, the conservation area is remarkably diverse, encompassing vast savannahs, hammock forests and everything in between. By allowing visitors to experience this unique setting, Caiman uses ecotourism to fund conservation efforts, while also preserving traditional ranching methods.

Wildlife monitoring and preservation

Caiman Ecological Refuge is involved in numerous wildlife programmes. A dedicated Jaguar tracking programme is in place to understand the behaviour of this endangered predator better, while a Hyacinth Macaw project is aimed at monitoring nests to obtain data about the species. The latter has helped to recuperate the population of the species throughout the Pantanal and remove it from the list of endangered species, turning the bird into a symbol of resistance in the region.

The Long Run

The Long Run is a membership organisation of nature-based tourism businesses committed to driving sustainability. Here at Jacada, we’ve signed The Long Run Charter – a document that advocates for a 4Cs approach to sustainability. By focusing on our impacts across the different areas of Conservation, Community, Culture and Commerce, we hope to make a positive impact across the globe with our trips. The Long Run’s Global Ecosphere Retreats are hotels and lodgings which are centres of excellence in sustainability, and Fellow Members are properties committed to achieving the highest standards in sustainability by positively impacting the conservation of nature and improving the wellbeing of local communities. At Jacada, we’re working with a number of these properties to help increase the positive impact we’re striving to create through travel. Find out more about The Long Run here.


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