Peru with Jacada Travel

What makes a Peru trip with Jacada Travel so special? Take a look at our short video to see why…

Peru with Jacada Travel

George: Peru is a very special place for Jacada. All of the travel designers on the team have all spent time exploring and enjoying Peru, so we’re all experts in this country. Every guide, every hotel has been sourced and is really the best in every destination, so that you know that you’re getting a luxury, comfortable experience the whole way. All our Jacada guides here in Peru speak perfect English and really, not only that, are good exciting people that love their country and love talking about it and showing off the best of it.

Our guides

Fredy: I love teaching people, you know, that’s what I love. My goal is when people is happy with the visit, because Peru is not a close country from Europe or the States, this is South America.

Our aim, as a Jacada tour guide is to accomplish the dreams and unique experience that always a traveller expects. I feel so happy when I send them to the airport and I say goodbye…sometimes this brings tear to customer’s eyes because we have a great time. It is sad, but at the same time it’s beautiful, it’s happy because you know that our Jacada customers are going very happy, and that is our goal as a tour guide, to make people happy.

That’s why I decided to be a tour guide, because my mother is from the mountains, I want to be in the mountain guiding, I want to show to the people my territory, you know, my culture.

George: From the moment you arrive in the airport and you see your Jacada guide with the Jacada sign with your name on it, you’ve got a good feeling of comfort and trust and knowing you’re going to be taken care of really nicely, exploring Peru with us.

A Peru for everyone

George: We’ve sent a lot of folks here on their honeymoons, it’s quite romantic being in the mountains exploring the old Inca Citadels and also some of the nice colonial squares, beautiful restaurants, and you can do things in comfort and in privacy and in style, which is great for that exclusivity that a lot of honeymooners want. For something a bit different than just lying on the beach for two weeks.

But mainly as well, it’s great for families, kids really love exploring this country, exploring the history, maybe seeing some of the animals like the llamas, the guinea pigs, the condors, even some of the tarantulas in the Amazon. It’s like one big outdoor adventure playground. Really, Peru is great for all types of folks.

We’re the experts

George: Being the experts, we really know how to make the perfect Peru trip for everyone, whether it’s a honeymoon, whether it’s a family trip, or whether it’s just folks that have always dreamt of coming. No trips the same to Peru with Jacada, and we take a lot of pleasure in making sure that every trip is tailor-made and paced perfectly for each person.

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