Meet Our Machu Picchu Guide: Fredy

Get to know Fredy, one of our  favourite guides at Machu Picchu. Be inspired to take the adventure of a lifetime with Jacada Travel.

Meet Our Machu Picchu Guide: Fredy

Fredy: This, friends from England, to do a nice report of Machu Picchu which is my office. Thank you for coming with the permission of our universal God and our Pachamama Mother Earth. Ok, now we are going to start.

The beauty

Well… the beauty. It is the place you know, that the beauty, it’s everything. It is always, I say, Machu Picchu, it is the beauty of Mother Nature, in co-operation of mankind’s labour. The location of the city is the majestic thing, plus of course the knowledge and the tradition that is a spiritual tool that the universal God gave to us in order to help Andean people evolve in the spirit.

As you gain age, you gain experience. Machu means old, at the same time means wise, you know… clever, experienced. Machu Picchu is the old wise mountain.

Guiding in Peru

I’m a tour guide, but not only Machu Picchu, I’m a tour guide everywhere in the south of Peru. I like every place that the ancestors revealed and that actually came with my grandfather, because my grandfather encouraged me to love all where the ancestors built and taught and made, because he was an Andean priest. Everything that I learned, as my grandfather said, I’ve got to teach, that is what I’m doing now.


I am a father, I have two kids, but I love seeing families travel, you know, that is what I like, being at Machu Picchu with kids… it’s a way to open them to the world. What I do mainly with kids, it’s initiate them as green warriors, protectors of the planet. So when these kids say like, “as a green warrior, can I work with the forces of creation? With air? Fire? Earth? Water? And protect nature?” – of course, which is our aim.

My name is Fredy. I work as a tour guide. It’s very nice, you have family worldwide.

[To George and Paul] If I get famous, and I’m taken to Hollywood, you will be my manager and you will be my accountant, you will be in charge of my money.

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