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Experience the thrills and spectacles of Nepal on this exciting ten-day private tour. Your adventure will begin in the fascinating city of Kathmandu where you will have the opportunity to visit a bustling market and the popular Durbar Square. Heading out of the city centre, you’ll get to visit a number of iconic temples and stupas. You will also spend some time in the ancient city of Patan, known for its fine arts and beautifully preserved temples.

From there it’s off to Pokhara, where the glistening Phewa Lake invites you to head out onto the water in boats. On a small island, you’ll discover Barahi Temple which is dedicated to the Hindu Goddess Ajima. This region is home to a number of temples, and you will visit one of the oldest, Bindebashini Temple. Stop in at Shanti Stupa, which is also known as the World Peace Pagoda, before browsing the exhibits at the International Mountain Museum.

The next leg of your journey sees you heading into the breathtaking Chitwan National Park, where you will embark on safaris and canoe trips to get a closer look at the rich wildlife.

Finally, you will find yourself surrounded by culture in the provincial town of Dhulikhel. Bring your epic adventure to a close with an invigorating hike to the sacred site of Namo Buddha. Pilgrims journey there from all over the world to pay homage and make offerings to the Great Being.

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Trip Itinerary

Days 1-4: Kathmandu
Flights & Transfers

Private transfer to your hotel in Kathmandu

Accommodation in Kathmandu
Three nights exploring Kathmandu

Spend your days in this fascinating city exploring cultural landmarks such as the 18th century Kumari Ghar Palace and UNESCO World Heritage Sites like Durbar Square. You have our top recommendations for activities, restaurants and shopping so that you can make the most of your time here. If you would like us to organise your time here with a privately-guided tour, according your interests, we can do so.

Pashupatinath temple

Visit the magnificent temple of Pashupatinath, situated amidst lush greenery on the banks of the sacred Bagmati River. The temple is built in a pagoda style and has a gilded roof and richly carved silver doors. The temple stands as a symbol of faith, region, culture and tradition. Dedicated to the Hindu God of Destruction, Lord Shiva, this temple is regarded as the most sacred temple of all the Lord Shiva temples. Every year thousands of pilgrims from all over the world come to pay homage to this temple. Non-Hindu visitors are strictly prohibited to enter the temple, however they are permitted to view the temple from the east banks of the River Bagmati.

Pashupatinath is also Nepal's most renowned Hindu cremation site. In Hindu culture, the deceased are wrapped in cloth, placed on bamboo litters and brought to the cremation site where the eldest son in the family burns the body. The ashes are collected and swept into the River Bagmati that eventually joins the Holy Ganges.

Boudhanath stupa

Boudhanath stupa is one of the most imposing landmarks of Kathmandu and is a centre of Tibetan Buddhism. The stupa is built on a huge three-level mandala-style platform and is 36m in height. The base of the stupa is adorned with 108 small images of the Dhyani Amitabha Buddha and inset with prayer wheels. Thousands of pilgrims circle the stupa in a clockwise direction each day spinning the prayer wheels. It is said that each spin of a prayer wheel is the equivalent of reciting the mantra.

The ancient stupa is one of the largest in the world and is on the ancient trade route from Tibet. Tibetan merchants have rested and offered prayers here for many centuries and when refugees entered Nepal from Tibet in the 50s, many decided to live around Boudhanath. The stupa is said to entomb the remains of a Buddhist sage, sacred texts and other ceremonial objects.

Swayambhunath Stupa

Swayambhunath Stupa, also known as the Monkey Temple, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It rests on a hillock 3km towards the western edge of Kathmandu and is one of the most important and the most sacred Buddhist shrines in Nepal. Legend has it that when Kathmandu Valley was a lake 2000 years ago, a single lotus flower grew at the centre of the lake. When Saint Manjushree, the Bodhisatva, drained the lake with a single slash of his sword, the lotus settled on top of a hill and magically turned into a stupa. Thus Swayambhunath is also known as a self-created stupa.

Kathmandu bazaar walk and Durbar Square visit

This afternoon, your expert guide will take you to a vegetable and spice market in Ason and the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Kathmandu's Durbar Square. The square is in fact the plaza in front of the old royal palace and is surrounded with the spectacular elaborately-carved wooden architecture of Newar artists. Explore the ancient palaces of the Malla and Shah kings, secret courtyards and holy temples, and see the decorated statute of Hanuman, the monkey devotee of Lord Ram. If you'e lucky, you might just get a glimpse of the Kumari or "Living Goddess", a prepubescent girl chosen through an ancient and mystical selection process to become the human incarnation of the Hindu mother goddess, Durga. If you'd prefer, speak to your travel designer about doing the tour on the back of a classic Enfield motorcycle.

Patan City tour

Discover Patan, the city of fine arts. Also known as Lalitpur, Patan is one of the three ancient cities of the Kathmandu Valley and is thought to be the oldest continuing Buddhist town in the world. Here you'll get a look at stunningly preserved temples and palace complexes.

Flights & Transfers

Flight from Kathmandu to Pokhara

Private transfer to your accommodation in Pokhara

Days 4-6: Pokhara
Accommodation in Pokhara
Two nights in Pokhara

Spend your time in this charming lakeside town on exciting treks through stunning Himalayan scenery and lush landscape. Boat on the Phewa Lake, visit ancient monuments and try your hand at thrilling activities such as mountain biking, kayaking and paragliding across the valleys. Choose from a choice of activities including various half day excursions.

Phewa Lake boating

The second biggest lake of Nepal, Phewa Tal is a beautiful spot for boating. The a pagoda styled Talbarahi temple sits on an island in its middle and you can row close to this holy Hindu shrine while enjoying the refection of Machhapuchhre peak and the Annapurna Range in the water.

Barahi Temple

Enjoy some cultural sightseeing at Barahi Temple - the island temple. The two-storey pagoda of the Barahi Temple is situated on a small island in the Phewa Lake and offers beautiful views of th surroundings. This Hindu temple is dedicated to Goddess Ajima in the form of a boar called Barahi, who is said to pierce her evil enemies with her pointed tusks. Barahi is pictured with the face of a boar with a cup in one hand and fish in the other.

Bindebashini temple

Visit Bindebashini temple, one of the oldest in Pokhara. Legend has it that when Pokhara was part of the Kaski Kingdom, the main deity of the temple, Goddess Durga, was brought across from India. Apart from the peace and tranquility that can be felt in this region, the temple offers views of the Himalaya on a clear day.

Shanti Stupa

Head out to visit the beautiful Shanti Stupa. Built as a symbol of world peace, it is a Buddhist pagoda-style monument on Ananda Hill. The Sanskrit word "shanti" means peace. The foundation stone was laid in 1973, along with several relics of Buddha.

International Mountain Museum

There are many interesting displays at the museum, such as the original gear from some of the first Himalayan ascents. It provides information on mountaineering, the world's mountain system, mountain cultures, environments and prominent people in mountainerring history.

Flights & Transfers

Flight from Pokhara to Chitwan

Private transfer to your accommodation in Chitwan National Park

Days 6-8: Chitwan
Accommodation in Chitwan
Two nights exploring Chitwan National Park

Spend your days discovering the rich wildlife of Chitwan National Park. Delve deep into the jungle on exciting treks, canoe tours and jeep safaris. Our expert travel designers can arrange an array of tailor-made tours for your time here.

Jeep safari and canoe trip in Chitwan National Park

After breakfast you will leave the lodge for an excursion to Chitwan National Park which will start from the resort itself crossing the Rapti River by boat. After crossing the Rapti River begin your jeep safari starting from the open grassland followed by the riverine forest and continue the drive into the dense Sal Forest crossing the Reu River to see different wildlife around the park and view aquatic birds and the marsh Mugger.

Later you will head out on a short drive to a point from where you will canoe down the river. As you float along the tranquil water, you will get the chance to see some of the diverse aquatic animals and bird life. Enjoy a sun-downer at the bank of Rapti River. Soft drinks along with some light snacks will be served. Return to the hotel after sunset with time to freshen up before dinner.

Helicopter transfer from Chitwan to Dwarika's Resort

Days 8-10: Dhulikhel
Accommodation in Dhulikhel
Two nights at Dwarika's Resort

Spend your time at Dwarika's Resort enjoying the wonderful facilities and activites on offer. You'll enjoy use of the Himalayan salt room, chakra sound therapy chamber, swimming pool and fitness centre. You can also take part in yoga and meditation sessions or choose to get creative with pottery and painting classes.

Namo Buddha hike

Located on a slightly elevated land, glistened with distant snowcapped mountains, adorned with fluttering prayer flags Namo Buddha is a sanctuary of peace and harmony. For centuries Namo Buddha has drawn pilgrims to the sacred spot where legend has it that the Great Being, an early incarnation of Lord Buddha while on a walk through the dense forest came across a starving tigress and her five cubs. The tigress was so weak that she was unable to feed herself or her cubs. The Great Being was tormented at the sight of a mother unable to feed her children. Hence, out of sheer generosity, the Great Being sacrificed his own flesh to feed the starving tigress and her cubs.

The ancient stupa of Namo Buddha is where the remains of the Great Being after his sacrifice are buried. Today, this site has become a special place to accumulate merit through activities of circumambulation and making offerings. People from all over the world visit the site to pay homage to the Great Being and make traditional offerings of butter lamps. A carved stone slab depicts this Buddhist tale of selfless compassion and sacrifice.

Flights & Transfers

Private transfer to Kathmandu airport

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    We create fully personalised trips from start to finish. From locations to accommodation and guides, everything is selected to suit you.

    We give back to two regional charities from the profits of each one of our trips.

    From expert private tours to restaurant reservations, we take care of every detail so you can make the most of your time off.