Chitwan’s Hindi meaning, ‘Heart of the Jungle’, could not be more appropriate for this beautiful national park nestled in the Terai lowlands in the south of the country, right on the border with India.

The park, which is mainly tropical and subtropical forest, is home to almost 70 species of mammal and over 500 species of bird. Deer, monkeys, small cats and the endangered one-horned rhinocerous all live in Chitwan’s forest, and can often been spotted in the banks of the Narayani, Rapti and Reu river and their floodplains. If you’re very lucky, you even may come across the king of the jungle, the Bengal tiger.

Chitwan was once the favoured hunting ground of the Nepali royal family, but now its focus has shifted to preserving the incredible diversity of flora and fauna found within its borders.

The government discontinued lodges operating inside the national park, so all options are outside the national park but offer access into the park and the important buffer zones. This means you will still have an excellent game experience.

What to do

  • Jungle treks with expert guides
  • Canoe tours
  • Safaris
  • Birdwatching