Santorini, Greece

Canaves Epitome

Cycladic architecture combined with design

The epitome of luxury in Santorini

Perched above the picturesque fishing town of Ammoudi, created lovingly with a combination of natural and earthy materials, the Canaves Oia Epitome offers a new kind of luxury. The resort’s 49 luxury suites and villas have both sea and sunset views from the privacy of their secluded terraces – the only property on the island that can offer this range of vistas. Along with these epic views comes a property that’s bathed in natural light. The clever design manages to blur the line between traditional and modern, structure and space, opulence and simplicity. The private outdoor areas that come with each room allow guests to enjoy the sunshine, twinkling stars and cooling breezes without having to leave the comfort of their own room and, with attentive room service, staying in doesn’t mean missing out on the delicious food served here. The two restaurants at the resort are of course worth visiting though – each offering dishes that combine international dishes, greek flavours and fresh local ingredients, particularly fish. As well as nourishing food there’s a spa and wellness area dedicated to your wellbeing so make sure you leave here feeling completely refreshed and relaxed.


Spa and Wellness

Infinitiy Pool

Poolside bar and restaurant

Fine dining restaurant

Room service

Private yacht hire available

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Places to combine Canaves Epitome with


Rooster, Antiparos
Antiparos is a jewel in the Adriatic sea, just a short ferry trip from the main island of Paros. Here, on this tranquil island, rich in natural beauty you’ll find The Rooster. Set in 30 acres of rolling hills and giving way to soft sand dunes and eventually twinkling crystal clear sea waters. This exclusive beachfront property is made up of 16 private houses, with a design, architecture and decor that’s respectful to the island. Each of the private guest houses are individually designed to offer privacy without distracting from the connection to the views and natural landscapes. The furniture and decor is in keeping with the island’s own heritage. For example, walls are painted with neutral tones or whitewash and there’s comfortable low slung wooden chairs with soft furnishings made from traditional textiles. Each house is complete with a bedroom, living area, bathroom (with outdoor shower) and a luxurious private pool with secluded lounging areas shaded by greek gardens or cabana style, wooden canopies. Aside from the private houses guests can also choose to stay in the Farmhouse, around 1.5km away from The Rooster the private Farmhouse is surrounded by kitchen gardens, calming outdoor social areas and it has its own private pool. The house has its own kitchen where your meals will be prepared or where you can dive in yourself to enjoy the fresh produce from the nearby farm – a great option for families.  The Rooster is a lifestyle and wellness retreat that allows guests to connect with themselves and nature. The House of Healing is an intrinsic part of daily life at The Rooster where a journey of mind and spirit centeredness can be achieved through personalised therapies such as Rooster Rituals, Ayurveda treatments, facials, massages and yoga. There’s also a gym for those who want to compliment their beach walks and sea swimming with extra activity. Close to the main hotel is The Farm, another venue to be explored. At The Farm guests are invited to experience a traditional ‘bostani’ (kitchen garden), vegetable fields, open kitchen cooking, private dining and the chance to learn about local, seasonal ingredients. The hotel itself offers its own indoor restaurant with huge windows and doors that open out to the gardens and with sea views. There’s an atmospheric bar with loungers for total relaxation as you sip your drinks, a secret garden and courtyard and the cuddle puddle. The cuddle puddle is a wooden tipi that sits within the dunes to capture the island’s signature, glowing sunsets.


Mykonos Blue
Nestled in arguably the most famous cosmopolitan island in the Eastern Mediterranean, Mykonos, and overlooking the world-famous beach at Psarou, you’ll find the haven of Mykonos Blue. The hotel is thoughtfully designed to reflect the cubist lines distinct within Cycladic architecture, and also adheres to the quintessentially Greek look with its dazzling white walls. Rooms, villas and suites are all adorned with natural fabrics in brilliant white and blues, and they are all incredibly spacious and filled with light to recreate the sheer sense of calm found outside. Some offer private pools and Jacuzzis, while all offer the stunning views of the glittering water. Panoramic sea views from several of the hotel’s 20 infinity pools, and which while you are in them, they cleverly appear to be a continuation of the bright blue sea itself. There are a range of eateries to choose from here so you’ll never be disappointed. Delicious Aegean delights as well as European cuisine alongside pristine décor and stunning views are what make dining at Mykonos Blue such a wonderful experience. From the relaxed vibe found at the beach bar, the lobby lounges and the panoramic Sky Terrace to the fine dining experience at the gourmet restaurant, Aegean Poets, there is something here for every occasion. Here you can indulge yourself with a relaxing visit to the sauna before enjoying a treatment of your choice in one of the Private Massage Rooms, a perfect way to end your evening.