Kakheti Wine Region, Georgia

Marani Elizbar 1918

Winery and art hotel

Authentic rural idyll in the Georgian countryside

About an hour-and-a-half from Tbilisi airport, in the burgeoning Kakheti Wine Region, David Turkestanishvili and his wife Olga have created a rural retreat with traditional Georgian hospitality at its heart. Named for David’s grandfather, Elizbar, who was born in 1918 and first farmed this land, the hotel is on the edge of Kisiskhevi village and close to several churches and monasteries.

The wine grown and harvested here is organic – from endemic Georgian vine strains like Saperavi (red) and Rkatyceli, Mcvane, Kisi and Khikhvi (white) – and David is always delighted to give you a private tour and tastings. The exceptional cooking is by Aunt Lali and family recipes are prepared to order using vegetables from neighbours’ gardens 

There are just six rooms, and naturally, they are named after Georgian grape varieties. Traditionally furnished with opulent rugs and wall hangings, all beds are king-sized and you have a garden or mountain view. Breakfast is a lavish, unhurried affair, and you are very welcome to spend the day lounging on the roof terrace or beside the pool.



Organic marani (winery) and fruit garden

Family-owned and operated

Staff from the local village

Outdoor swimming pool with mountain vista

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