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It goes without saying that the highlight of a visit to the Kakheti Wine Region is exploring the many old vineyards and wineries here and, of course, sipping on some of the finest vintages to be found in Georgia. But there’s a lot more to discover in this fertile part of the country.

There are a wide variety of cultural and historical heritage sites to explore, one of the most notable being the charming village of Sighnaghi. Stroll down cobbled alleyways and spot examples of carefully-restored woodwork and pretty facades of 18th- and 19th-century buildings.

In addition to raising a glass or two of the region’s best wines, you can learn about the centuries-old winemaking traditions and the use of qvevri – egg-shaped clay pots used to ferment, store and age Georgian wines. They’re either buried underground, or set into the floor of wine cellars. Visit one of the few remaining qvevri makers, followed by a boutique winery where you can taste wine straight from a qvevri. You’ll also hear all about some of the 500 endemic wine varieties lost during the Soviet regime, that the wine-makers are working to revive.


Stroll down cobbled alleyways in the village of Sighnaghi

Taste wine straight from a clay qvevri and learn about this ancient vessel

Enjoy a lavish Kakhetian supra and get a taste for the region’s finest dishes

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Jack Beckford

Travel Designer

Excellent wines, behind-the-scenes visits to age-old vineyards and wineries and hands-on cooking classes all combine to make this region unmissable. 

Jack Beckford

Travel Designer

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