Experience a glimpse into the world of Myanmar’s tribal treasures with a visit to Loikaw: Myanmar’s hidden gem for the adventurous explorer. The capital of the Kayah state, Loikaw and its surrounding land of rolling mountains is strewn with mesmerising hilltribes.

Delve into this authentic culture with visits to the Padaung and Kayah tribes for truly raw encounters. Off the tourist track until recently, these secret corners have remained true to their roots and offer a pure look at their unusual life.

The city itself is a pretty sight, bisected by the Bilu River and sprinkled by pagodas. The most famed of these, Thiri-Minglar Taung Kwae Pagoda, towers over the eleventh century city on two mountains offering superb views – particularly at sunset.

What to do

  • Visit remote tribal villages
  • See Thiri-Mingalar Taung Kwae and other pagodas