Introducing Kenya

8-Day Example Trip
A wonderful introduction to the beauty and wildlife of Kenya, perfect for a first time visitor

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This is a unique trip that is perfect for a first time visitor to enjoy Kenya’s most captivating landscapes and diverse range of wildlife with a large dose of luxury and pampering in each destination.

Begin with a night in Nairobi before flying into the Chyulu Hills area, a stunning landscape (on a clear day with views of Kilimanjaro) with fantastic luxury lodges and a great place to relax and settle into the Kenyan pace of life. There’s also plenty of activities here, as well as spotting wildlife, you can engage with the local communities of Masaai in an authentic and rewarding way.

Your next stop in the world famous Masaai Mara. An area famed for its amazing wildlife and sweeping open landscapes. We’ve suggested lodges in the Conservancy areas that border the national park, as these offer a far more exclusive safari than those in the national park and support local communities. Enjoy some of the best game viewing in the world as well as the opportunity for bush walks and night drives.

  • All accommodation including all meals
  • All internal flights
  • Main Camp activities at each destination

Trip Itinerary

Days 1-2: Nairobi
Flights & Transfers

Arrive in Nairobi

Private transfer from Nairobi airport to Nairobi hotel

Accommodation in Nairobi
Overnight in Nairobi

Flights & Transfers

Private transfer from Nairobi hotel to Wilson airport

Days 2-5: Chyulu Hills
Flights & Transfers

Flight from Nairobi to the Chyulu Hills

Transfer from Chyulu airstrip to Chyulu Lodge

Lodges in Chyulu Hills
Four nights in the Chyulu Hills

Located right between the Tsavo and Amboseli National Parks, the Chyulu Hills are often proclaimed to be among the youngest volcanic mountains in the world. Their black lava flow has helped shape them into a stunning sight in the backdrop of a plains game paradise. Bird life here is prolific and the elephants have some of the largest tusks found in East Africa. There are also excellent community projects with the local Masaai, making 'the Chyulus' an excellent place to relax, enjoy the scenery and interact with local culture and wildlife.

Days 5-8: Mara Conservancies
Flights & Transfers

Light aircraft flight from Chyulu Hills to the Mara

Transfer to your lodge in the Mara Conservancies

Lodges and Camps in Mara Conservancies
Three nights the Mara Conservancies

The Mara Conservancies surrounding the Masai Mara National Reserve offer visitors the ultimate safari: the lowest tourist densities; incredible day and night game viewing; walking safaris; and authentic cultural interactions. But above all, these Conservancies are managed according to a model that protects the delicate eco-system and benefits the landowners themselves – the Maasai people.

Flights & Transfers

Transfer from your lodge to the airstrip in the Mara Conservancies

Light aircraft flight from Mara to Nairobi

Private transfer from Wilson Airport to Nairobi International