Historically, the discovery of this magnificent tropical lake was made famous by the explorer John Hanning Speke who named the lake after Her Majesty Queen Victoria. Speke proclaimed the lake to be the source of the Nile, and David Livingstone (famous for the discovery of Victoria Falls) tried and failed to prove him wrong. This enormous fresh water lake has a surface area of over 67,000 square kilometres, and borders Tanzania and Uganda but Kenya’s share is the smallest at just 5% of the total. It is home to a whole host of aquatic creatures, including the delicious Nile Perch which can grow up in excess of 200kg and are larger than some grown men.

The banks of the lake are picturesque beaches and boulders with a backdrop of epic forest. The trees are perfect for the small number of chimp families that reside in them and are a real attraction of this beautiful natural wonder. Birdlife is prolific and the sound of the Fish Eagle carries far across the water so you can listen to this iconic soundtrack as you relax on the shores. Nesting bird colonies are often seen scattered around the edge of the lake as are the pretty black faces of Roan Antelope who frequent this area.

What to do

  • Relax on the shores post-safari
  • Watersports
  • Enjoy fishing for your own supper
  • Boat Excursions