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Luxury safaris in the Chyulu Hills

Relaxation and Culture in the South of Kenya

Nestled between Tsavo and Amboseli National Parks are the Chyulu Hills – one of the world’s youngest volcanic mountain ranges. Stretching for 150km and reaching an altitude of just over 2,000m the landscape is characterised by lush green hills covered in dense cloud forest, solidifed lava flows spilling down the slopes giving away its explosive history.

The Chyulu Hills are some of world’s youngest hills, with eruptions as recently as 240 years ago. The wooded savannah on the lower slopes are home to wildebeest, eland, giraffe, huge elephant bulls and buffalo, while deep inside the hills, flocks of forest birds flit through the trees. Lake Jipe in the south west of the park is another wonderful spot for birdwatching.

The lion population, once hunted for preying on the local Maasai’s cattle, is slowing coming back from the brink of extinction and there are a handful of wild black rhinos under close supervision by rangers.

Volcanic cinder cones and craters and a network of lava fields make this a fascinating place to explore. The hills are ripe for exploring on foot or horseback, with the huge rocky outcrops perfect for climbers. It is one of Kenya’s least visited national parks and guests can expect an intimate and exclusive safari experience as well as first-class accommodation options.

When to go

July is the coolest month while January and February can get quite hot. April, May and November are peak times to visit.

What to do
  • Spend time discovering the Maasai culture

  • Explore the land on foot and get a true feel for the African game

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Talk to one of our experts today and start creating your once-in-a-lifetime trip to Chyulu Hills.

Lodges and Camps in the Chyulu Hills

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