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How is The Long Run working to create a positive impact through tourism globally?

We are at a time where it is not enough to try and mitigate our negative footprint, we have to
strive for net positive impact. Business, especially tourism, has the potential to drive positive

To do this, The Long Run brings together a global community of like-minded, passionate and
innovative individuals committed to conserving nature and improving people’s lives through
their tourism businesses. The Long Run’s vision is of a world where business, nature and people
harmoniously work together for a sustainable future. Their goal is for ecosystems around the
world to be conserved for the benefit of all through a holistic approach to sustainability.

The Long Run showcases inspiring practices to help the movement grow, supports their members on their sustainability journeys, and shares stories that demonstrate what can be done when we collaborate and commit. We believe in the power of collaboration to create scalable impacts by changing attitudes. Collectively The Long community helps protect 21-million acres of nature, and touches the lives of 750,000 people.

What is the 4Cs approach, and how is it being put into practice by The Long Run's members?

The 4Cs (Conservation, Community, Culture, Commerce) framework provides a concrete
way to take a 360-degree view of business and enables businesses to embed positive impact at the heart of their operations.

Members articulate their vision and goals around the 4Cs, which form the basis of their
strategic plans and guide their future work. The 4Cs are also the pillars that
the Global Ecosphere Retreats standard is based on — The Long Run’s standard requirement which all destination members must eventually comply with. It is one of the leading
standards in sustainable tourism, and is a significant milestone in a members’ journey.

From the traveller perspective, the 4Cs help to provide unique and transformational
experiences through connections with people, meaningful insights into nature and cultures and fostering a mutual respect for a destination. By using the 4Cs as a grid, travellers can identify a business’ genuine commitment to nature and people.

How can individual travellers support The Long Run's vision and mission?

There are two main ways that individual travellers can help to support The Long Run’s work:

1) Stay at a Long Run property

We believe that travel experiences should have a positive impact on the places and people
that inspire us to explore the world. Long Run members are positive impact pioneers. They pour
all of their time and resources into protecting nature, securing a future for wildlife, celebrating
cultures and improving community well-being. By staying at a Long Run property, your
journey will directly improve livelihoods, support the celebration of cultural diversity and
ensure the environmental conservation of our planet.

2)  Support The Long Run as an organisation

There are numerous opportunities to support The Long Run through donations. Long Run
members are some of the world’s most inspiring and aspirational conservation pioneers and
travel destinations. If more businesses invested in nature and people, the world would be a
better place. Travellers can help to shine a light on the positive impact heroes at The Long Run and help spread the word about travel that has a positive impact.

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