Spend a night amongst the condors


Clinging to a sheer cliff face, 400m (1312 feet) above the Sacred Valley’s floor, the cliff hugging Skylodge Adventure Suites offers a the chance to sleep amongst the condors in a completely transparent pod. Definitely an experience for those with a head for heights.

The suites are crafted of aerospace aluminium and weather-resistant polycarbonate, measuring 7.3 by 2.4m (24 by 8 feet), with room for two or four guests, including bedding, a dining area, and a separate bathroom with an eco-toilet and sink. The view is unbeatable day and night.

Pods can be reached by a ladder climb from the valley floor, or via a hike and zip-line, though no climbing experience is needed. Meals, brought up by staff, can be enjoyed on top of the pod whilst securely fastened to your capsule.

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