Jacada Photo Journal: Iceland

There’s a natural playground for all ages in Northern Europe, where the amazement of discovery renews itself everyday. I’ve tried to resist its charm (“I’m a warm-weather lover”, I reminded myself in a sudden identity crisis) but the moment I stepped on it, Iceland had already won: I was in love. But how can a traveller possibly have the defenses for those explosive waterfalls, the primeval pureness of the Silfra Lake, the volcanic silhouettes of the South Coast, the extensive lava fields and those oxygenating silences?  Here are some pictures of my trips in September 2016 and May 2017: don’t fall in love, if you can.​

We started our Icelandic journey in the south-eastern part of the island at the Skaftafell Glacier (left) and Svinafell Glacier (right) where the clouds regularly cloak the rocky mountains.

The blue glacier and rushing stream at Gígjökull.

The menacing black mounds and icy glaciers poking out of Svinafell Lagoon, on the south coast, make for a dramatic viewing.

This fairytale looking building,Höfskirkja (Church in Höf), crept up on us as we drove past. I adored its cute facade and grassy roof.

Our super jeep with our super driver, ready for Thórsmörk.

The calming sound of running water is never far from you in this country. As we drove en route to Thórsmörk in the south of Iceland, we spotted these ravines with its miniature waterfalls.

Taken at Gígjökull, on my way to Thórsmörk

The impressive and imposing canyon of Fjadrargljufur, with heights of up to 100m and a snaking river for almost 2km. It is thought that the formation of this area dates back to the Ice Age.

The bouncy Laki Lava fields, covered in moss. It’s hard to believe that this once was the site of a violent and damaging eruption in the 1700s.

The two conversing faces in the rock formations at Gigjökull, on the way to Thórsmörk.

Taken in September 2016, at Thingvellir National Park where I went snorkelling in the Silfra Lake. It almost looks like the Lake District in the UK.

With my colleague, Michele, at Reykjanes peninsula.

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